Zenith and Leica showed a joint chamber of premium class

Zenit M is the first product created within the framework of cooperation between Zenit and Leica. This is the camera for the price of a used car. The legendary domestic brand “Zenith” joined forces with the equally famous German manufacturer of cameras and optics of premium-class Leica Camera AG to create a new product. A camera called Zenit M will be released in a limited edition.

Zenit M is a digital rangefinder camera, developed on the basis of a camera series Leica M (Type 240). It is completed with a Zenitar 35mm f/1.0 lens made of metal and glass. It is reported that Leica supplies components for the camera and production are carried out at Krasnogorsky plant named after SA Zverev, where cameras were produced under the brand Zenit. There is also a lens for the camera. It is interesting that the Krasnogorsk factory did not produce cameras since 2001.

Zenit M

Representative Krasnogorsk plant said that the company plans to produce only 500 copies of Zenit M. In Europe, sales of the new camera will start in December 2018. You can buy it in the online store “Zenith” and some photo stores. The exact retail price of Zenit M is still unknown, but, according to the representative, the new camera belongs to the premium-class devices and will cost around 5-6 thousand euros.

Zenit M – the first, but not the last joint product of the Russian holding company “Schwabe”, which owns the brand “Zenith”, and the German Leica. Manufacturers plan to release a few more cameras. But the details of joint projects are not disclosed.

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