Download Zarchiver for PC (Windows and Mac)

Zarchiver for PC: Sometimes, not even from a computer or laptop, we have to deal with archives. And often users are faced with the problem that their device can not unpack the archive or create it. Because of this, many things have to be postponed. But if something very important is in the archive, and it is necessary right now, what to do? Of course, you have to look for solutions to the problem. And there was away. One and the most faithful!

Why Download Zarchiver for PC?

Also, Zarchiver can create password-protected archives so that no one but you can see its contents, keeping your secrets only yours. It is suitable for exclusive mailing archives with a key that is available only to a limited number of people. Her ability also includes the ability to change the archive: adding files to it, deleting them from the archive without the requirement to create a new archive. You can partially unpack the archive, getting only the necessary documents and ignoring that. What is not needed at the moment. ZArchiver also allows you to read the archives attached to letters, unpack and edit them.

This is a very convenient archiver with an elementary interface, devoid of complex functions, so as not to distract from simple tasks. It will help to cope with the archives on the device, extract the necessary files from them, or create a new, necessary archive. All you need for this is to download ZArchiver for PC and enjoy easy and understandable work. The program is convenient to use both from the tablet and from the phone in view of the large interface.

Everything has changed with the advent of the program ZArchiver for Android. Convenient and understandable.

  • Create archives of many formats that are only acceptable in working with archives;
  • Unpack archives of all possible formats;
  • View them without unpacking, also without being confused by the formats. This archive can read them all.

Download Zarchiver for PC (Windows and Mac)

Since an Emulator is a whole OS of its own on whatever machine you are using. You’ll be needing everything within it to work perfectly.

Like this Zarchiver will compress/extract the stuff within the emulator. Which is quite convenient because you might run out of space in your emulator.

So, to download this Zarchiver on your PC. All you need is to follow the steps below:

  1. Download Bluestacks.
  2. Download Zarchiver Apk.
  3. Install & Configure Bluestacks.
  4. Search for Zarchiver in play Store or double-click the Apk file.
  5. You are done!


If you want to use a Zip program for your PC, then Winrar is the best app available. However, as I mentioned, these emulators have a world of their own. So, for them, you’ll need apps that are compatible. And Zarchiver is the best archive app that you can find anywhere.

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