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Get full control of your home while on the go with the XSH Camera app! Security is the main concern of every individual. When you buy a house you get insurance, when you buy a vehicle you get insurance and in the same way for many other things that are yours. In short, we do a lot to protect our valuable items. In addition to security, monitoring is also important. By important I mean that you should watch your belongings from time to time to make sure they are OK.

Take the example of your home when you are not at home. Who is monitoring it? Nobody, right? This means that some kind of monitoring device has to be installed to monitor your house if it is not there. Thanks to technology, there are many devices and applications on the market that can help you achieve this. The XSH camera is one of them and is ideal for viewing your home.

Now the application alone is no longer sufficient, you also need hardware to use the application. This article describes the various functions of this application and the compatibility with cameras.

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XSH camera

As we all know, installing a home security camera is the best decision that can be made. And for that, it is also necessary to have an application on your phone to get all the updates.

XSH Cam is an excellent P2P application that works with different types of video surveillance cameras. The only purpose of the application is to provide updates to the events in your home. The application offers several interesting functions that improve the overall customer experience. Let’s take a quick look at them!

Crystalline Sight

Like any other application, the application offers a clear, high quality image of the view in front of the camera. Yes, it may seem normal, but you have to try to have a real experience.

2-way Audio

The application has a bright function that allows you to easily open the door from your phone through the application. The bidirectional communication supports this function and sets this application apart from the other applications. The two-way audio communication function is very useful for people who are not at home and cannot receive guests at home.


The application is designed so that you can easily check the recorded video from the doorbell camera and deal with what happened in your absence.

Easy to pair and use

The XSH camera application can be easily connected to your surveillance camera. There is no complex procedure to link your phone to the application. You just have to follow the simple guidelines on the screen.


There are various video formats and video devices such as:

  • WiFi Doorbell support
  • Camera support with WiFi battery
  • Compatible with 4G wireless battery camera
  • Supports solar WiFi / 4G wireless camera
  • Support for panoramic cameras

Finally, download and install the emulator that is suitable for your PC hardware / software.

How to download and install the XSH camera for PC or MAC:

  • Open the Emulator Software via the start menu or the desktop shortcut on your PC.
  • Link or configure your Google account with the emulator.
  • You can install the application from Google Play Store in the emulator or download the APK XSH-Cam file via the following link on our website.
  • Also, open the APK file with the emulator or drag the file into the emulator window to view the XSH-Cam application to install for the PC.
  • You can follow the instructions above to install XSH cam for PC using one of the existing Android emulators.


In short, we can say that the application is really good for people as it allows them to keep their eyes on their houses without being at home. This gives them a feeling of relief and also makes their routine work easier. Therefore, you can download the application to improve security. I hope this article serves you as best as possible.

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