Windows 10 will send unused files to the cloud to free up the disk

Instead of the rarely used files on the disk, there will be their shortcut labels-incredibly useful for PCs with small memory sizes. The upcoming major update of Windows 10, scheduled for October 2018, will receive an updated clever function to free up disk space. The operating system will itself determine which files are used least often to move them from the hard drive or solid state drive to the OneDrive cloud storage.

The Storage Sense function will clean up the computer’s memory from unnecessary files. It will determine unused files based on when they were last opened – if later than a certain time, the system will load them into the cloud and remove it from the PC (leaving labels on the previous places).

Windows 10

The system will clean up disk space until enough space is available for Windows 10. Storage Sense will also replace the Disk Cleanup feature, as it can perform all its features: delete temporary files, thumbnail images, system logs, caches, driver packages, old security patches and the like. The user can configure the automatic cleaning of disk space: daily, weekly or monthly.

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The innovation will certainly be indispensable for users with small storage, but in some cases, it is unlikely to be useful (for example, for a limited or slow Internet). Most likely, this function can be disabled in the operating system settings.

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