Windows 10 Will no Longer be Rebooted on Purpose

Microsoft has managed to fix the most hated problem with updates in Windows 10. The new method already works.

The Windows 10 operating system has an interesting feature – it can reboot to install updates at any time. Even if you work or are in the middle of an important virtual battle. This function for quite a long time infuriated users, and Microsoft even promised to solve the problem with aggressive restart of the computer. However, the delay in installing updates only partly corrected the situation – the community continues to complain about spontaneous reboots of the system. Fortunately, Microsoft was informed that they know about the lack of Windows 10 and try their best to make things work as it should.

Windows 10
Windows 10

We listen to our community and know about the problem. Our team is actively working to ease your pain. We have significantly redesigned our system reboot logic if you have a Windows 10 update. Now it’s more adaptive and can work on anticipation, “said Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows pre-evaluation program.

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Microsoft is assured that they use machine learning to “train” the Windows 10 update system. The new logic will independently determine and predict the best time to run the OS update so that this process does not harm the user while working.

We will not only check whether you are using your device at the moment, but also build a forecast for the future. We will try to predict when you will leave the workplace in order to take a cup of coffee and soon return back. This will not reboot the computer at the wrong time, “added Don Sarkar.

Already, the new system is being tested inside the company on Microsoft employees. If you believe the developers of this method, now the computer really installs updates only when the user does not use the device. The technology is cloudy, it is constantly improved by feedback from the participants of the program Insider Preview. You can get new update logic in Redstone 5 and 19H1 versions. If everything goes according to plan, the developers from Microsoft will be able to solve one of the most annoying problems of Windows 10.

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