What Are The Best FTP Clients For Android?

FTP Clients For Android

After reading this article, you will learn that What are some of the best FTP Clients For Android devices. So, let’s have a look! Also, Android is capable of doing a lot of things, and also maintain an FTP connection is one of them. Having various FTP clients for Android, and then you can also automate the file uploading or downloading process. It is also possible that this has very useful if you want to manage your files using your smartphone.

The FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, this is also very crucial for uploading and downloading files from any server. Now, this will also use two different ports between the host computer and a remote server. You have to maintain a connection and also transfer files. Also, this is very beneficial to create and then modify various client projects quickly. Now, the security of such a connection will entirely depend on what type of FTP client is being used.

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A-List of Best FTP Clients For Android in 2021:

So, various FTP Clients are also available for PCs and desktops. Now, This is also possible when you would also want to have quick access. You have to get any of the particular hosts that servers directly from your phone. In most cases, if you are using a smartphone, then these Android FTP clients will also help you to solve your problem.

1.) FTP Clients For Android: AndFTP

The AndFTP client is one of the best Android FTP clients. This will also come with a very friendly UI and this will also provide you excellent stability.  Having an AndFTP that will allow users to upload and then download files directly from the host server. It will also provide significant features like synchronization and also share alongside support.

FTP Clients For Android

Also, this will support almost all protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP. Now, you can also rename, delete, and also run custom commands. In most cases, if the user is also having any connectivity issue. This will also allow you to resume your downloading. Also, this will support the multi-language.

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Download: AndFTP


  • This is available for free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Having a Multi-language support


  • Also, the design looks outdated.
  • To Fail and then upload large files during tests.

2.) The AntTek FTP Clients For Android:

So, This app is also quite an old one in the market. Also, this is very popular for one its smooth functioning and performance. This will also come with a very simple User Interface that is similar to the AndFTP. It will also provide you an easy start for every new session. Then this will also support SFTP.

FTP Clients For Android

Now, you can also view all your folders on the screen. Also, it is straightforward to create new folders, uploading, downloading, etc. You can also save a good amount of time for the users. So, this app is also available for Android 2.2 and all later versions.

To Download: AntTek


  • A Simple User Interface.
  • The Great Themes (light and dark).
  • To Supports .zip and .rar for compressing/decompressing files.


  • To Support the limited SMB.

3.) A Turbo FTP Client:

Also, the Turbo FTP client is another popular one on this list. This will also support both the FTP and SFTP protocols. Also, it has a beautiful User Interface, which is graphically designed and also easy to use.

The Turbo FTP Client that is for Android also gets regular updates. This will also provide you several different features. Now, it will also provide some of the cool themes. This also has a text editor and might be a good pick-up for all Android users.

Download: Turbo FTP 


  • To Well-optimized
  • The Incredibly fast
  • To Support password encryption
  • A Personal support
  • Having a Multiview support
  • To Supports private key and passphrase
  • A Multi-language support


  • low memory issues

4.) The ES File Explorer:

So, This ftp is also a great option for Android users. The ES File Explorer also has the name that suggests you a very popular file manager. This will also use as an FTP Client and also allow you to do two different works using the same app. Now, you can also manage your local files. This is as well as connect to any host server.

es encryption

This is also very convenient, and you will also need to fill in all your details. You have to get connected to the server.  Now, this is also added as the default file manager in many smartphones by the manufacturers. The Es File Explorer is also available for Android 4.0 and all the later versions of Android.

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To Download: The ES File Explorer


  • This is easy to search and share files.
  • Having Multiple resolution support.
  • Also, Supports 20+ language
  • To Support and then compressing/decompressing files
  • Having a Multiple selection and sorting


  • To continuously run this in the background.
  • A Closed source.

5.) An Easy FTP Client:

This is an Easy FTP Client available for Android this is also the last on our list. So, it can also have the best choice. Also, it is very easy to use this application and also has a friendly-looking User Interface too. Now, all you need to do is to enter all your credentials. After that, select the Check option, and you are all set. This will also support the wi-Fi or mobile for transferring files and provides you with 3GB of free data transfer.

Download Easy FTP Client


  • To Upload/Download multiple files at once.
  • You can also support the FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols.
  • Then Creating  Zip files with passwords.
  • Also, Pause and resume options available

6.) The Advanced Client – Admin Hands:

The Admin Hands is also a great FTP client for Android with full fledge desktop features. It is not the only thing that you can easily access the FTP library. So, you can also manipulate it as your will. Then the interface is also quite easy and feels like you’re working on a real desktop.

Besides the UI features, you can easily do batch processing. Now, this will also include multiple deletions. You can also update, permission change, and much more. You have to Do and give it a try and see for yourself.

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  • To Upload/Download multiple files at once
  • Then Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols
  • A Desktop-based User Interface

Download Advanced Client – Admin Hands

7.) Then Termius – SSH/SFTP

A Terminus is also an FTP client that will also build for security and high-level encryption. In case, if you are trying to access a secured serv, then this is the one you sound used. So, They will also support the ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305 encryption techniques.  Also, support the Local terminal with bash control.


Besides the traditional FTP, the Termius will also support SSH, Mosh, and TELNET protocols. You just have to make it an all-in-one app for your FTP needs.


  • To Supports ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305 protocols
  • The Desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • A Local terminal with bash

Download Termius – SSH/SFTP

8.) The FTP Server:

So, This is also a robust application that lets you access/share files on the internet seamlessly. Now, the FTP Client will also come with so many features to talk about. An FTP Server will also offer an easy service through any network interface. This will also include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Tethering.

Apart from this, it will also support multiple FTP users and also the several paths for each user. When you enable the service on your device, then it will automatically open ports on your router. Moreover, this will offers a clean experience by letting you remove ads. This is from the dedicated option present in the About screen.

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  • Multiple FTP users
  • Then Automatically starts the server on system boot
  • So, Automatically starts the server when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • To Support the public intent for scripting.


  • This does not work properly when doze mode is activated.

Download FTP Server

9.) The FTP Cafe:

An FTP Cafe is also comparatively an older name on the list. So, it has been providing a reliable service over time. Although, you might feel the need for a better UI, FTP Cafe. You have to keep things quiet clean and functional. Now, you can also transfer multiple files and directories at a time.


This will also allow you to support resuming file transfer. It is also very helpful, especially when you have a troublesome network.


  • The Connectbot private key
  • To Supports SFTP or FTP over SSH
  • An Implicit and Explicit FTP over SSL


  • An Outdated user interface

Download FTP Cafe

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So, FTP is basically a file transfer protocol. This will help clients to transfer files over the internet by using this protocol. Having various FTP clients for Android, and then you can also automate the file uploading or downloading process. It is also possible that this has very useful if you want to manage your files using your smartphone. The FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, this is also very crucial for uploading and downloading files from any server. Hope this above guide wil help you to understand this and help you in transferring. Still, if you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

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