Ways to clear cache from windows android mac and iPhone in 2020


What is a cache?

cache is basically a separate memory location where the data is temporarily stored. data is not stored or saved in the cache  it is just temporarily available until your PC is powered on but it take most of the space. an app stores its data in cache to run the data quickly.  most recent pages or data is located in cache.

cache helps to provide data to users quickly. The more the size of cache increased the more performance of device is increased. caches is more helpful  in the way when user want some data instead to generating information  from main memory then just simply fetch from cache and provide to user.

Clearing cache:

Why ?

clearing cache is more important because  if the size of your cache increased your device become slow and it couldn’t work properly. cache take extra space in your device. if you want space in your device  you should clear the cache.when you want to fix any app problem then we recommend to clear the cache.

What happens ?

nothing harmful happens when you clear your cache only the temporary file deleted from your device. it doesn’t mean that those files deleted from the memory it will only be deleted from the cache. if you are sign in to any app and you delete cache it doesn’t delete the email and password. if you delete cache still your app will be signed-in. it is highly recommended that you should delete your cache because it make your device works efficiently.

How to clear cache on windows 10?

In windows you can clear system cache as well as app cache

Clear system cache:

clearing system cache on windows is more easy because windows has its on disk clean up. There are few easy steps to clear the system cache on windows:

  1.  click on start menu and type ‘disk cleanup‘.
  2. select the drive where your temporary files stored. window 10 usually store files in C Drive.



3. select the files you want to delete you can also see that how much space you get free when you delete a file.

4. select OK and your files will be deleted and cache become free.

Clearing app cache:

when we installed any app on windows that app will leave some temporary files in C drive. there are few steps to clear app cache.

  1. click on start button  and type RUN and then type %temp%.

2. now just click OK.

how to Clearing cache on mac?

you can also delete cache files from mac computer with few easy steps.

open finder screen and select GO from the menu bar. now click on Go to folder .

2- now the address prompt appears add the following address.


3- All the folders will appear on the screen.

4- if your want to delete all the folder press Ctrl+A. you can also delete files individually.

How to clear android cache?

you can clear system cache as well as clear app cache.

Clearing system cache:

main requirement for clearing system cache  is to access recovery mode. the process of accessing the recovery mode  vary from device to device. once you are in recovery mode:

  1. press the button ‘wipe cache‘. press power button to confirm .your cache will wiped in a seconds.


2-now your cache will be removed.

Clear app cache:

android couldn’t provide a facility to delete cache of all apps together you have to delete individually.

  1. open your phone settings and go to apps.
  2. now click on storage.

3- click clear cache in the bottom.

now perform these steps separately for each app you want to clear cache.

How to clear cache from iPhone?

iPhone do not have any settings of   clearing cache you have to uninstall or reinstall  the app. this process will delete photos or files. iPhone apps are allowed to interact with system.

How often you should clear your cache?  

there’s no obvious time to clear the cache. when your phone getting slow  or you feel any problem in your mobile phone you can clear the cache.

Can clearing cache delete photos?

No, clearing cache doesn’t delete  photos . cache cannot store your personal information so that’s why photos cannot deleted.

 Difference between clear data and clear cache on android?

data is store permanently and cache is temporary. data is separate from cache . so that’s why  when you clear data the photos,music, video  each and everything will be deleted. but when you clear cache that only delete the   temporary copies of the data.

i hope this article will help you in understanding deletion of  caches. if any query leave a comment below.

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