VKontakte Continues to Copy Telegram

Social network “VKontakte” in the official blog announced the update of the branded platform for chatbots. The main innovation was the ability to connect buttons for quick selection of the answer. Users will no longer have to enter a text request manually – just select one of the suggested options, after which the chat-bot will send the result.

The new function was tested by the official Comedy Club communities, Bot Maxim and Callback API Boat. For example, with the help of the Comedy Club, users can quickly find the right output of a humorous show: you need to select the season and issue number to watch it directly in the chat window. Also, you can try chat-bots with buttons now in the communities “Bot Maxim” (converts the text into an audio message) and the Callback API Bot (reports on community events).

VKontakte Continues to Copy Telegram
VKontakte Continues to Copy Telegram

In the opinion of the VKontakte team, chat-bots with quick response buttons will help communities speed up communication with subscribers and simplify navigation. In the future, the social network plans to allow the addition of chatbots in conversations, without the need to create separate dialogs. Now activation of the bot in the community is available through the function “Enable API for bots”.

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Recall, earlier “VKontakte” also launched in the test mode the function of channels based on community messages. Based on the latest innovations, it should be noted that the social network is increasingly beginning to resemble a messenger Telegram.

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