User Guide on How to View VPN Connection Time

View VPN Connection Time: If you are using a VPN with iPhone or iPad you may be searching how to view how long you have been attached to the VPN for an iPhone or iPad. Also, the question is have you been connected for a few minutes, hours, or days? No reason to find, as you can find this information directly regardless of the VPN provider in use.

Both iPadOS and iOS make searching and viewing the connected time to a VPN easy to view. However, the information is a bit hidden. So it’s quite easy to overlook if you’re not sure where to look. This guide display you how to view VPN connection duration on iPhone and iPad.

However, currently, you must be connected to a VPN to be able to view how long you’re connected to a VPN. If you are not actively connected to a VPN then there will be no information for connection time available.

How to View VPN Connection Time Duration on iPhone & iPad

The process is quite the same on iOS and ipadOS:

Step 1:

At first, Open the Settings app then go to “General”

Step 2:

Select “VPN”

Step 3:

Now locate the VPN you are connected to. Also, click on the “(i)” button

Step 1:

Look for “Connect Time” to find the active connection length to the current VPN session

This information can be essential for many reasons. However, for keeping track of time for work purposes. Also, if you are using a VPN service that you pay hourly for. Or it might have some other time allotment or quota to be working with.

This same VPN information screen offers other information. The information like the VPN IP address and server information. Also, the ability to erase and remove the VPN profile from the iPhone or iPad should you want to do that.

However, this applies to any VPN service you use on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Whether it’s a corporate or private VPN, a free VPN, or a paid VPN service, it does not matter. Also, it does not matter if you set up and configure the VPN profile manually. Or set up and added the VPN to the iPhone or iPad using a VPN app. It’s just like many third-party paid VPN services offer that automatically install a VPN profile for you.


Have you ever use a VPN service for personal or work reasons with your iPad or iPhone? Have you ever keep a record of how long you’re connected to it? Does your VPN connection time did not matter to you? Do you have a specific VPN service you like, trust, and recommend? Let us know if you have any VPN tips, suggestions, or thoughts in the comments section below.

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