User Guide on How to Disable Realme Color OS Ads

Disable Realme Color OS Ads: Yes, It happens also it becomes worse like Xiaomi. Realme decided to display ads on their phones. What they are called this is “Commercial Recommendations.” Many users love Realme when the presence of Xiaomi phones is because they hate the Xiaomi System Ads. Also, if the Color OS is a highly Customized Skin OS. They Didn’t show Ads in their apps. Realme also announces officially that, After Color OS 6 and Upcoming OS versions will receive Suggestion based Ads on different places. But, Realme lets you the user that they can formally disable the suggestions. However, compare with Xiaomi, they provide the choice as the central controller. You don’t need to disable the proposal in every app.

How do the Realme Ads will look like?

Some users already view Ads. Early, they told the Ads will be displayed on Phone Manager and Download pages. They also provide places like the Apps installation page. But, now they are displaying Ads in the Notification bar also.

Make sure Apps based Notifications have a direct Install option. They may display In-Apps purchase Ads. Besides they display Advertisements on every app like third-party free applications. Also, it may not get worse.

How to Remove In-Built Ads on Realme Phones?

In Xiaomi, just Opt-out suggestions from every application. But Realme provides you a choice to disable ads from a single setting. However, to disable the recommendations, follow the steps below.

  • Head over to Settings> Additional Settings> Get Recommendations> Turn-Off Receive App and Content Recommendations.

I’ll keep adding some other methods soon based on ADB. If this simple setting doesn’t enable you to stop the recommendations.


However, Mobile manufacturers have to compete with the price. Because of the massive competition, manufacturers like Xiaomi selling mobile phones in less margin and cheap price. Also, they compensate for the falling cost in some other ways. That’s why they display commercial recommendations in their apps. Also, If you install the apps from the Google Playstore, you can view some ads that will be displayed by Google to support the Developers. But, make sure they will not show those recommendations in their phones like Pixel and Android One Stock Apps. Many users hate the In-Built system recommendations Xiaomi. Just like in Realme, you can also disable Xiaomi Ads.

If you don’t think that Samsung is also displaying Ads in their phones on the Notification Bar and Lock Screen in their new series. Then it’s not a good business model. Users dislike the suggestion when they are displaying in all places in their mobiles. I Hope Mobile manufacturers will understand this experience and try not to force users to use the Recommendations. Here’s all about “Disable Realme Color OS Ads”. Share your thoughts on this Realme step? Let us know in the comment section below!

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