How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error For Samsung Phones

‘USB Device Not Recognized’ is an error that you might have gone through once in your life. It is a really frustrating and irritating situation when you aren’t able to transfer files between phone and PC. The reason is your Android phone is not recognized or detected by your computer. On different devices you’ll see different notifications, some of which are “USB device not recognized”, “USB device not detected but charging” or “PC not recognizing Android phone”. All these are the same errors which means that your Windows computer is not able to recognize the phone connected via USB cable.

In that case, an Android user generally follows a normal process of installing the USB drivers on the computer. Sometimes it is effective. But what if even after installing the latest USB drivers, your Android phone is not recognized by the computer. To help you out from such problems, here are detailed s on fixing ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ Error especially for Samsung Android phones.

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Try Implementing these Methods First:

  • Dial *#0808# and call. Then select ‘AP’ in the first section and ‘MTP’ in the second section. Click on OK and connect your phone to PC.
  • Connect your Samsung phone directly to PC instead of using a USB hub.
  • Use a new USB cable and another computer. Some cables are power only.
  • Remove SIM card and battery (if it is removable). Wait a while, then put them back and restart. Then connect to PC.
  • Restart your phone and put it in Airplane mode. Then connect to PC.

If the above methods don’t work and your Samsung phone is still not recognized by the computer, then proceed ahead to our tutorial given below.

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized for Samsung:


1: To remove the error ‘USB Device Not Recognized’, download and extract the Samsung USB Drivers file:

Extract the file on the Desktop of your PC.extracting file

Note: Disconnect your phone if it is connected to the PC.
2: Then go to the Control Panel of your PC.

Control panel

3: Now click on the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.

Control panel.. 4: Make sure you need to Uninstall any Samsung USB drivers which you might have installed before. So search for the Samsung Drivers and then double click on it.

Samsung USB

5: Now click on the Remove option to initiate the Un-installation process.

Remove usb

USB remover

6: Now on your PC, right-click on My Computer and select the ‘Manage’ option.

manage pop up

The Computer Management screen shown below:

Computer manager screen

7: After that select the Device Manager option.

select device manager option

8: Switch off your Samsung phone and then boot it into Download Mode. Simply press and hold the ‘Volume Down key + Home button (middle button)+ Power key’ simultaneously until you see a warning message. When you see the warning message leave all the keys.

Click event


Note: The method is same for all Samsung devices. If your device does not have a Home button, simply press and hold the Power button and Volume down key.
9: Press the Volume up button to continue. This will directly land your phone into downloading mode like this:


10: If the driver installation process starts, on your PC stop it by clicking on the Close button.

close button

11: Then check your phone in the Device Manager.

Check you phone

12: Then right-click on it and select ‘Update driver software’ option. When you click on it, a window will popup.

window popup

13: Then click on the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option.
  Note:  Make sure that the ‘Include Subfolders’ option is Ticked.

option ticked

14: Click on the Browse option.

browse option

15: Now Find the folder where you’ve extracted the Samsung USB drivers file. It should be on your Desktop.

finding folder

16: Now select the folder and click on OK.

selecting folder

17: Now click on Next to begin the installation.

next option

When it completes, click on the Close button.

Note: It may happen that after installation, a new ‘Unknown’ device would appear in the Device Manager.

GS option

18: So you need to install drivers for this device too and for any other devices that could appear.    So right the Gadget Serial Control and select Update driver software option.


19: ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option.

browse my computer

20:  Click on Next and wait until the installation complete.

completion complete

21: USB drivers successfully updated.


Now you won’t face any ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ Error on your computer.

If you face any problem while going through the process then do comment below without any hesitation. I’ll help you out as soon as possible.

Till then keep smiling and peace out! 🤘😎🤘

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