Trump tariffs can lead to a rise in price of Apple’s equipment

Apple in an open letter told the US Commerce Office that its products could significantly rise in price on the territory of the country. The prices of machinery and accessories will be affected by new tariffs on Chinese imports, which were soon announced by President Donald Trump. According to Apple, a trade war with China and a 25 percent tax will lead to an increase in the cost of the products themselves or the components required for their production, as well as a decrease in the volume and growth of sales.

According to the open letterApple, the proposed tariff list covers a wide range of products of the company. It’s about smartwatches Apple Watch, wireless headphones AirPods, column HomePod, computers Mac mini, stylus Apple Pencil and a number of brand accessories, including wireless keyboard Magic Keyboard and mouse Magic Mouse, trackpad Magic Trackpad, silicone and leather cases, power adapters, chargers, and cables.

Trump Sucking

In addition, with the introduction of Trump tariffs, the components manufactured for the production and repair of Apple hardware in the United States, specialized laboratory test equipment, servers, hard drives, and data center cables, which are responsible for such global services as the App Store, will rise in price.

“It’s hard to understand how tariffs that harm US companies and US consumers will help achieve the government’s objectives with regard to China’s technology policy,” from an open letter from Apple to the US Trade Mission.

In the document, Apple asks the US administration to reconsider its offer and refuse to set tariffs for product categories covering the listed devices. If in the end the tax is approved, the cost of most of Apple’s products will definitely increase. Among other things, this will put the technological giant at a disadvantage in comparison with foreign competitors, and first of all American consumers will suffer from such changes.

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Until now, the US and China have avoided setting tariffs that would affect the main technology products – an area in which both countries have a strong relationship. But this was hampered by Apple, whose products developed in the US (but manufactured in China) made the company one of the most expensive in the world. At present, it is not known when the so-called Trump tariffs will finally come into force.

“We will evaluate the comments and make a decision,” said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

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