Translucent Flagship from HTC is Difficult to Repair

Even in spite of the fact that there is not enough glue in the smartphone, it’s better not to break it – repair will be difficult and will certainly cost a fortune.

The author of the popular channel JerryRigEverything dismantled the flagship HTC U12+, removing the whole process on the camera. Thanks to the video, you can assess the maintainability of the smartphone: detach the back cover and change the battery is not difficult, but to replace more difficult components is quite problematic.

Unlike most modern smartphones, HTC U12+ has relatively little glue: the manufacturer replaced it with adhesive tapes (where it allowed the design – for example, under the battery). However, the disassembly process complicates the location of the fingerprint scanner: it is not installed on the board but mounted in the cover. In other words, the back panel of the smartphone is connected to the motherboard by a ribbon cable – it is possible to fully detach the cover only in the case of “detachment” of the wire (it must be attached during assembly, which is not easy to do because of not the most successful location).

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JerryRigEverything parsed the smartphone after testing HTC U12 + in tests for strength. Then the flagship of the Taiwanese corporation proved not the best way: the buttons on the side face are easily torn off, and the gadget itself is bending.

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