Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, The Parody of PUBG Looks Very Funny

Initially, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was created as a joke on the first of April – the developers did not plan to release the game into the light, they just wanted to laugh. The project could not boast of physics, nor optimization, nor the presence of attractive graphics, nor convenient management. It was a rather funny parody of PUBG, but nothing more.

Nevertheless, three months later a small team of developers decided to release their creation on Steam, and even for free. The network is rumored that the game is planned to make paid, but it seems to me that this is just a bait. Now they give away for free, and tomorrow they’ll pay you already, so you need to load faster. You can not rush – no one in their right mind will ask for money.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

What are Totally Accurate Battlegrounds? This is something like PUBG on the minimum for all parameters. Graphics is a small number of soap polygons, but, most surprisingly, the picture looks pretty attractive. The main thing is not to move the mouse. And do not play. If you dare go to fight in this virtual world, you should immediately accept the lack of adequate physics as a fact.

The character moves somehow strangely, the hands look more like ropes and jerk all the time, and shooting requires special nerves and training. Although this will not help you much, in fact, most often bullets fly on some completely unpredictable trajectory.

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At the same time, the game has a whole set of advantages, which it would be worthwhile to take on arms for larger projects. First, there is a very steep polygon with weapons and targets, where you can take any barrel and practice shooting. To learn all the subtleties of kickback right in the battle is also not bad, but I would like to have a shooting range in the same PUBG.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Secondly, there is such a variety of weapons and equipment that you directly begin to respect the developers. Pistols, assault rifles, rifles, crossbows, all kinds of cold steel. It seems to me that the project actually has potential, the main thing is to pull physics up and take it seriously to optimize.

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