Tor Browser 8.0 is a private browser with an improved assistant for the beginner

The project team Tor Project released a new version of the anonymous browser Tor Browser with a lot of changes and improvements. The release of Tor Browser 8.0 is based on Firefox 60.2 ESR, which Mozilla has significantly modified since the 52nd version. Now many innovations have appeared in the Tor Browser, including the ability to install extensions to the WebExtensions API.

Tor Browser 8.0

Developers have completely redesigned the dialog box to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the browser. At the first start, users can familiarize themselves with the principles of working with Tor Browser and better understand what the anonymous Tor network is. Clicking on the link “New to Tor Browser? Let’s start “at the top of the page opens the corresponding description and prompts. The wizard will help new users at any time to seek help by entering about tor into the address bar of the browser, which will direct them to the desired page with the settings.

Tor Browser 8.0

In the current version of Tor Browser, Bridge Fetching is optimized – the process of requesting new network bridges. If earlier for these purposes it was necessary to send a letter or visit the site, then now you can request a new bridge directly from the browser. The corresponding option is in the Tor network settings.

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From other changes in Tor Browser 8.0 new interface languages are added, libraries and components are updated, reading mode is activated, telemetry updating is disabled, Firefox Sync is hidden. You can see the full list on the official Tor Project website. The release is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.


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