The web version of YouTube appeared mini-player

In the desktop version of YouTube, there finally appeared a mini-player, similar to the “picture-in-picture” mode in the mobile client. In March, the Internet giant Google began testing a mini version of the YouTube player for the web interface. And only now, six months later, ordinary users have access to the new function.

Almost all users of the desktop version of YouTube have a mini-player. Activate the function is quite simple. Having opened YouTube in the browser and running the video, in the lower right corner of the player next to the “Settings” icon in the form of gears you should see a new icon, signed as “Show the player in a reduced size“.

Youtube Mini Player


Clicking on the icon, video playback will continue in the format of a small pop-up window in the lower right corner of the screen. To return to the standard view, just click anywhere in the video. The mini player shows the name of the video being played, as well as the “Play/Pause” and “Next” buttons.

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In fact, the mini player in the browser version of YouTube on desktops is very similar to the picture-in-picture mode in the mobile service application. The function is already available to many users. In the near future, it should appear in everyone. Surprisingly, the new video view mode works even in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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