The shameful physics of women’s breasts from Fortnite will soon be removed

The developers have already reported that the innovation was a mistake and it will be fixed. Although gamers are not at all against such updates. Recently, Epic Games has released a major update for its royal battle at Fortnite. Developers “pleased” the fans with the darkness of new cosmetic items, a flying island in the middle of the map and interesting pets.

However, gamers liked most not these innovations, but the Calamity skin for the female character. For some completely incomprehensible reason, the designer of this “outfit” decided to add an animation of the movement of the female breast. In certain situations, this looks quite realistic and the male part of the audience very warmly met the update.

Fortnite Season 6

On the other hand, such pranks do not seem very appropriate. Many users are very negative about the demonstration of the female breast in the game, even if it is covered because children can play in Fortnite. In all the rest of the Internet, there is nothing like this, only in this game. Nevertheless, the developers from Epic Games agreed that this is a bust and have already apologized. They promised that in the next update the shameful animation will be removed.

It happened by chance and we are very ashamed. We will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible, – an official statement from Epic Games.

The situation turned out rather comic because the negative side of the company quickly gave way to jokes and requests to add similar animations to all skins. Mens too. Everyone understands that the developer has made changes in the physics of this part of the body not specifically. And if we survived the customization of the character in Conan Exiles, where it was possible to see an increase absolutely all the limbs, then with this unfettered child’s psyche somehow cope.

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Although, designers Fortnite it is better to check the released content because with such a profit and a huge audience it is possible and in court to rumble with considerable payments for moral damage۔

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