The Head of Microsoft Considers Android the Best Mobile OS

During the Inspire conference, Satya Nadella called Google’s mobile operating system more comfortable to use.

A series of unsuccessful releases forced Microsoft to leave the smartphone market – at the moment the company is working only on software for mobile platforms iOS and Android. The network wants rumors that the brand is working on its own device on the operating system from Google, but there is no confirmation of this information. And why should Microsoft spend money on developing the next flagship, which is likely to be a failure if you can create and develop successful software products? They bring a decent profit, while not compromising the reputation of the company.


At the Inspire conference, which Microsoft holds once a year, CEO Satya Nadella has spent the lion’s share of the time demonstrating the capabilities of software products on the Android operating system. According to him, many users switched from Windows-smartphones to Android-devices and found that this is a very comfortable platform for work. On Google Play, there are a number of Microsoft branded applications that can replace regular programs and get a wider range of options when working with documents or mail. IOS has a similar office suite, but Satya Nadella considers Android to be a more flexible and comfortable system.

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The head of Microsoft during the presentation called Android “The end point for Microsoft 365 ” and personally launched several branded applications on the smartphone. Enlightened programs Edge, Launcher, Outlook, LinkedIn, Teams and Yammer, plus casually mentioned Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Note that Satya Nadella used the Samsung Galaxy S9 (or S8) to demonstrate the convenience of the software, although many expected to see Google Pixel in his hands. Apparently, the flagship of the Korean company CEO Microsoft liked more.

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