The Best Android Golf Game You can Play

It’s Summer and individuals set out in order to indulge themselves in a number of outdoor games. In order to enjoy the Summers, in all its glory. One of the most famous outdoor games for summer is Golf. You grab the club, tap on the field, and take a prestigious shot. With that being said, not everyone has the luxury of enjoying the sport outside as well. But, that does not mean you can’t enjoy the game, altogether. Read The Best Android Golf Game You can Play.

With the advent of gaming, Golfing games also have emerged as one of the most famous ones on the PlayStore. It won’t provide you that real feel, however, the gaming experience will simply suffice. If you guys are a casual user, then just simply looking forward to enjoying the very fragment. That Golfing serves, the following top 15 Best Android Golf Games, which we have carefully assessed, will also provide you a wonderful experience.

The Best Android Golf Game You can Play

WGT Golf

One of the best golf games out there, giving a complete package. The graphics on this one are extremely compelling, along with top-notch physics and gameplay as well. The game features real brands, real courses, and to top that all off, the controls are pretty easy and intuitive.

best android golf game

The game also includes an online PvP (Player versus Player) mode too. Multiplayer Leaderboards, Tournaments, and much more than that. Plus, there’s also an exclusive tournament where the winner wins a trip to the US as well. The game is based on the freemium model, which means it’s free to download on the PlayStore. However, with additional in-app purchases. All in all, the game is a definite try in 2020 as well.

Golf Star

Another very compelling golf game, and also an all-rounder. Witness and experience the game in real-time, make it single or multiplayer. The graphics are very realistic, along with mastery of golfing techniques onboard. Also, the physics of the gameplay is also on par along with the real-life game.

The game modes included, are Career Mode, Match Challenge or Tournament Mode, and also Goodwill Match Mode. The game also features live events and tournaments, also including online gameplay along with pros all over the world. Each and every mode has its own unique feature, and makes the user want to try all the modes, and enjoy the game to its fullest.

The game’s absolutely free to download, along with additional in-app purchases. But, bear in mind the annoying ads, that will pop up each and every now and during the gameplay.

Golf Battle

This pick of ours is for the online cravers as well. Golf battle is one of those golf games. There the emphasis is not only on the interesting gameplay. However, also how much fun it is to enjoy the game, along with your friends and family. Thus, the game features a unique 6 versus 6 online PvP.

best android golf game

It does also give a 1 on 1 mode, however, the emphasis is on that 6-player mode, which is in a race format. There are a lot of levels and unlockables onboard. The game isn’t too overwhelming, it’s just a simple, casual arcade golf game, where the focus isn’t on picking out professional clubs actually. However, rather than making the game more entertaining, serving the purposefully.

The simple element of the game itself permits you in order to enjoy the game and not take it too over the top or take it too seriously as well. Do give it a try in 2020, if you guys are looking for a fun-packed golf game, absolutely free to download as well.

Golf Clash | best android golf game

Golf Clash one of the most famous golf games on Android. It also plays just like an arcade game. You flick your finger to tap on the ball. This one also has an aiming mechanic for improved control as well. Some other features also include online PvP, weekly events, in-game chats, and much more. There are even weather conditions that affect play as well. The online PvP has the occasional issue, however, most of the game is fine. It’s basically a freemium game, though, so be prepared for that if you decide to try it as well.

best android golf game

Many other features also include Online PvP, Weekly Events, In-game chats, and much more. Plus, there are weather conditions, that change the course of play, which is very unique to see. The game, even though not entirely polished, also offers a decent arcade golfing experience.

Idle Golf Tycoon

A unique golfing experience, that takes into elements of earning money via golf and enjoying golf, all together actually. The game also serves the slogan: ‘Never stop Golfing when playing Idle.’ The slogan simply gives you what the game offers. An intuitive, yet different golf game, where you guys play the game whenever earning money.

The goal is basically to play and explore out new ranges. The word idle gives the game some unique features such as upgrading in the supermarket. Whenever, simply grabbing a cup of coffee, getting a hole in one. However, eating sushi, or traveling the globe. The game is all about the management of golf, at its really best. The game’s absolutely worth a try in 2020, also available to download for free of cost, at the PlayStore, incorporating in-app purchases.

Desert Golf | best android golf game

Desert Golfing is basically a perfectly acceptable arcade golf game. You basically play desert in the sand in some desert somewhere. The game features simple 8-bit graphics, simple controls, offline support, and much more. You just hit a ball into a hole over and over again actually. It’s really not a complicated game whatsoever. Those looking for deeper, larger golf games may also need to look elsewhere. But, this one costs $1.99, actually has no in-app purchases and no advertising. It’s surprisingly cathartic to play as well.

The game also features simple graphics, simple controls, offline support, and much more. The goal is pretty much to put the ball in the hole, as many times as you can.

The game is not, in any way, overwhelming, and is not one of those complicated golf games. The game is not targeted to the more ‘Serious’ users. Although Desert Golf does come at a price tag of $1.99, and that’s about it, no additional in-app purchases after that as well.

Flick Golf Extreme

Flick Golf Extreme is basically part of the Flick Golf series actually. It’s one of the most famous arcade golf games on Android. It also plays a lot like the arcade golf games that you see in bars and similar establishments. You guys flick your finger in order to hit the ball. The quickness of your flick determines the distance. The game features decent graphics, leaderboards, and also unique maps as well. It has the occasional bug, however, it rarely affects gameplay. It’s also really inexpensive.

Just simply hit your finger to flick the ball. The quicker you are to flick, the more distance you guys will put on. The graphics are also fair, for an arcade experience as well. The maps are also unique as well. Overall, we also recommend you to give this one a try in 2020. The game comes along with a price tag of $2.99 and offers a good gameplay experience, overall.

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade | best android golf game

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade is actually one of only a few decent mini-golf games. Even so, it’s only decent actually. There are a variety of courses in order to play through along with online PvP, a chat function, challenges, and much more. It’s a freemium game along with an energy system. That’s kind of lame. But, you can get more energy through watching ad videos instead of paying real money. It’s not ideal, however, it could be worse also. There are some complaints about the game’s physics and controls as well. But otherwise, it’s just above average for mini golf games. You guys can also play this one for free via Google Play Pass if you have it.

There are also a variety of courses we can play through, including an online PvP, onboard chat function, different challenges, and much more. But, the energy mechanism is a bit annoying, especially if you’re going into 2020. If you’re too impatient to wait, and you can also watch those annoying video ads to get free energy. But then again, who would be patient enough in order to watch the ads, as well.

Well, the game, yet no idea, couldn’t be worse, as well. The game is above average, in order to say the least. It’s absolutely free to download, at the Google PlayStore. Along with the annoying ads I mentioned, and a few in-app purchases as well.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

PGA Tour Golf Shootout is basically a golf game with a lot going for it. It features online PvP modes as well as a single-player mode. You also get daily and weekly challenges, much unlockable equipment, and decent graphics as well. The controls are really simple and it’s definitely more of an arcade-style golf game instead of something deeper or different. We’re not fans of the upgrade system and it does feel a little bit freemium for our tastes as well. Still, it’s fun until the freemium elements creep in and also worth a play.

Overwhelming, here, just simply means tons of features. That includes Online PvP modes, Single-player mode, Daily and weekly challenges, unique unlockables, compelling graphics, intuitive controls, and also an overall great arcade experience.

The game’s a really good choice to head after, in 2020. But, being Freemium, you get more in-app purchases than exactly our liking.

Ok Golf | best android golf game

OK Golf is a surprisingly decent golf game along with some decent features. The graphics are really decent, even if all of the backgrounds are a dull gray actually. Plus, the game includes online multiplayer, multiple courses, secret areas, and also simple mechanics. It doesn’t use a club system as well. Rather, you just drag back and fire away. The game costs $2.99 along with no additional in-app purchases or ads. This is definitely what we would consider to be a good mobile golf game. You guys can also get this one free if you use Google Play Pass.

best android golf game

As the name implies, Ok Golf is a decent game, along with decent graphics and animations, decent controls, and also an overall, decent package. The game features online multiplayer, multiple courses, secret areas, and really simple mechanics.

What’s interesting is that the game doesn’t actually use a club system. Rather, the mechanics are to drag, aim, and hit away as well. The game costs at around $3, along with no in-app purchases (additional). All in all, it’s a good golf game pick for 2020 as well.

Super Stickman Golf 3

The stickman series, be it any game, also has always proven to be really famous amongst Android users. This latest golf iteration is actually no joke either. One of the better-rated games available at the PlayStore, the game also offers a fun experience.

It basically includes 20 golf courses, two online types of PvP, a lot of powerups, a number of playable characters customizations in order to tamper with. Google Play awards and achievements, different unique game modes, and much more than that. The game’s really addictive and a good time killer. Also, it’s absolutely free to download, at the PlayStore.

Golf Orbit | best android golf game

A really creative game, for creative users. A very unique element of the game, giving an interesting experience. Nothing too fancy or over-the-top, however, simple enough to get your attention diverted. The aim is simply to hit as hard as you guys can, that might even eventually lead the ball to land on another planet as well.

The game is perfect in order to kill time and to tackle short-term boredom. Give it a shot, because it’s free to download. However, we warn you against the flood of ads, that lie ahead.

Vista Golf

A really elegant mini-golf game by Shallot Games, LLC. The game is characterized via crisp controls, unique animations, decent, interactive graphics, and also endless competition, ranging in an array of new courses. Each and every week. If one seeks both fun and frustration, at the same time, and then this right here, is the purest mini-golf game, that would also serve you both, gladly.

There are three new courses every week, along with competitive mode, and also an additional infinite mode. You can also brag about your achievements, along with unlockable badges. Additionally, it is all for free, with some useful in-app purchases as well.

Golf Rival

Golf Rival, interestingly, as the name suggests, focuses each and everything on the competition. A really fascinating online golf game, for you and your friends in order to indulge in 2020. The game features some realistic golfing equipment, that adds on to your gameplay as well.

The scenic view and also the graphics are also quite splendid to the eye actually. You simply have to hit that download button and also enjoy the game, challenging pros online, from all across the world.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “best android golf game” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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