How to Install SWTOR for PC, Windows, and Mac

Playing SWTOR on Mac may actually seem impossible but, Bootcamp, Virtual Machines, or Wine can also make this impossible task possible. Just follow this guide to play SWTOR on Mac. Just read this article to know all about How to Install SWTOR for PC, Windows, and Mac. Let’s begin!

SWTOR for pc Introduction

SWTOR is actually a role-playing game that involves multiple players and is based on the Star Wars universe. Although it is Windows supported, you guys can play this game on your Mac device comfortably that is very cool. Because Mac users have found a way of running Windows games and applications on their devices. Then you can enjoy playing your favorite games on your Mac via using either Boot Camp assistant, Virtual Machines, or Wine.

Luckily, this game doesn’t have really high system requirements because of its age. So you’ll likely already have a system that can also handle it. If you guys want to double-check that you can run it before you purchase though, keep on reading.

Firstly, you’ll have to find out what specifications your PC has, just don’t worry if you aren’t sure where these are, we also have a handy guide to help you out. From here, you simply have to compare these to the minimum and recommended requirements below.

If this sounds just like a bit of a pain, don’t worry, we’re right now working on a tool that should make this a bit more streamlined in the near future. It’s still in development at the moment but when we have a release date in mind, we will let you know.

Unique Features

  • Online Multiplayer actually
  • Just downloadable content story expansions
  • Customizable characters as well
  • Level Raids too
  • Storyline quests
  • The game itself is huge and spread across multiple different planets as well.
  • You guys have a ship that serves as your main HUB to travel with.
  • You can have companions that will join you and also help you fight enemies.
  • The game can be hard at times when fighting bosses, however, the satisfaction of getting via a tough fight is very rewarding.

How to Install SWTOR for PC, Windows, and Mac

For this article, we will be using Wine through PlayOnMac, in order to download and install SWTOR on Mac. Though the download process may also take more time than normal, it is really easy and is certain to create a platform to enjoy SWTOR and many other Windows-supported games and applications. Just follow the steps below to download your favorite Star Wars game:

SWTOR for pc

Configuration of Wine on PlayOnMac

  • Start via Downloading SWTOR installer from this Link
  • On the PlayOnMac menu, head to the top bar and choose “Tools”, then manage Wine versions
  • From the Wine version tab (x86), hit 2.20-staging, then just move it to the right, so PlayOnMac will download your selected version
  • Press the “Configure” bar on the PlayOnMac menu after the download has been completed.
  • Tap on the “New” bar at the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click “Next”, and then you will be welcomed through a new display
  • Choose the 32 bits Windows installation type
  • Select the 2.20 Wine version option from the list on your screen and tap on “Next”
  • Give your Virtual drive any name you guys want
  • After creating the virtual drive, just return to the configuration page and open the drive you just created
  • Head to the “Install component” tab
  • Now install these components
    • d3dx9
    • directx9
    • crypt32

If it fails to install on your first try, then just keep on trying.

  • After the installation, now just move to the Display bar
  • Tap on the dropdown menu, on the Video memory size, and pick the number that matches the size of your graphic drive’s memory as well
  • Now move to the Wine tab
  • Choose “Configure Wine
  • Now select Windows 10 on the Windows version dropdown menu
  • Move to the “Miscellaneous tab” as well
  • Select the option to run the file in a virtual drive too

Download SWTOR for Mac and Windows

After the successful configuration of Wine on PlayOnMac, you guys can proceed along with SWTOR installation

  • Head to the location you Downloaded the SWTOR installation file (exe)
  • Tap on it and ignore “Error” as the installation page opens
  • Choose your preferred language and click on “Next” until you are taken to the installation type actually
  • Make sure you guy do not CUSTOM INSTALL, rather let the installation be express as well
  • After the installation is now complete, cancel the option in order to launch the game and finish the installation
  • When SWTOR has been successfully installed on PlayOnMac, then just tap on “run a .exe file in this virtual drive” again
  • Head to the game’s folder

PlayOnMac’s virtual Drive → The name of your wrapper → drive_c → Program files → Electronic arts → BioWare→ Star Wars -The Old Republic → launcher.exe

  • Now open the launcher and Enter your details and log in
  • An error would actually occur requesting for administration rights
  • Return to the configuration page and tap on “open virtual drive’s directory
  • Head back to the game’s folder
  • Use TextEdit in order to open settings
  • Just edit bitraider from false to true
  • Save the file, open the launcher again and log in your details
  • Your game will now start downloading now. Note that if the error comes up again, edit the file again, turn off bitraider, and set the patching mode to SSN
  • The game size is really large, so it will take a whenever to download
  • Install and open now.

After the successful installation of SWTOR on your device, then you can create a shortcut for easy access.

  • Return to the configuration page and tap on the “make a new shortcut from this virtual drive” bar
  • Just choose launcher .exe and name the shortcut
  • The shortcut will appear on your homepage and you guys can simply double-tap it to play SWTOR on your Mac device.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this “SWTOR for pc” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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