Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for PC/Windows/Mac – The Return of Mini Fighters

Overview of the Application:

Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for windows 10Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for PC – an excellent adventure role-playing game with elements of gladiatorial battles. The game changed its name, but the gameplay remained the same, many gladiators and dynamic battles. You have the opportunity to take control of one of the dozen warriors, train him and then go to the arena to win all the battles.

Victory brings gold and experience points. You can spend them both on the purchase of new equipment, armor and weapons, and on improving skills. Speed, endurance, critical damage and much more. In addition to conventional weapons, do not forget to use magic and spells that can confuse your opponent and eventually defeat him. Become the best and do not let any of the gladiators beat you in any of the arenas.


+ 2D Retro Graphics
+ Fascinating gameplay
+ Combination of several game genres
+ A great variety of weapons
+ Several arenas for battles
+ Convenient operation

Going out of your chains into a dark cell and thrusting into the arena, you must fight for your life, fame, and fortune. If this is your destiny, you will survive the cruel Coliseum and gain wealth and glory, exceeding all your dreams. You will need to train and arm the gladiator wisely since you will fight the most terrible monsters-warriors in the world.

Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for PC

Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for Windows 10 is the version of our famous RPG gladiator in which you train your gladiator and test them in battle with hordes of brutally bright fighters. When your gladiator fights in battles, fights, and tournaments, you will be rewarded with gold coins and experience points.

Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters:

  • Attack with a variety of different weapons to devastate your enemy.
  • Learn wonderful magic spells and use fantastic potions to gain an advantage in battle
  • Modify your weapons and armor with powerful magic to grow in strength
  • 18 tournaments with the legendary Arena Champions with S & S 2: The Imperial Kingdom
  • Find powerful attacks that will allow you to show the battle The rage that you will earn throughout the game

Play Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for PC/Windows/Mac

To Download Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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Play Store:

[appbox googleplay compact air.com.whiskeybarrelstudios.swordsandsandalsminifighters]


Download Swords and Sandals Mini Fighters APK

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