Streaming Services in Google Play Movies

Streaming Services in Google Play Movies: After Netflix Stream Huge Success, many Movie Companies and TV Channels slowly providing their separate streaming services. There is no issue with the company. They already have the rights for specific movies, and they also offered us Digital rights. The problem is happening with all users. However, we’ve to pay for many stream accounts. We’ve to install many apps to view our most favorite shows and movies. Many US users always have Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu apps. Besides this, Google also offers Google Play Movies with buy and rent options. To avoid confusion, Google allows us to Add most of the stream services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Hulu within Google Play Movies app. I will elaborate on the entire process and the list of supporting providers below.

We subscribed to Disney Plus due to the Baby Yoda but the management becomes confused. However, we don’t utilize the apps fully. Simply by adding all streaming services in one app, We can also make a broad search on our mobile devices. Also, there are many chances. We can utilize all the streaming accounts in a parallel way. Also, it helps us to see our favorite content in one place. For example, If you want to view Interstellar movie except for searching this movie in every streaming app, you can also search the film within Google Play Movies and open the specific app.

Streaming Services in Google Play Movies

Add Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Hulu in Google Play Movies

  • You have Google Pay enabled Google account. However, the Payment setup is an effortless process.
  • The subscription allows the Stream account. If you want to Add Netflix, you should already buy your desire plans on the Official Netflix website.
  • Also, you have to Installed the specific Streaming service app on your mobile. The content will not play within the Google Play Movies app.
  • As it is currently available only US Region. We can expect in other regions soon. Also, It doesn’t support live TV Streaming service.


Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Step 1:

Firstly, download and Install Google Play Movies app from Play Store.

Step 2:

Then open the installed app. Choose the hamburger menu. You will view some options.

Step 3:

Also, Choose “Manage Services.”

Step 4:

After the selection, you will receive available streaming services names.

Step 5:

Choose your favorite Streaming service and link your account. On the next screen, you have to provide your Cable provider info. That’s it. Now you can see connected account contents within the Google Play Movies app.

Supporting Stream Providers

They slowly keep adding Stream providers as much as possible. Currently, the list is limited. But, they covered most of the major providers.


Can I Pay Netflix through Google Play?

However, it already subscribed users may not pay within the Google Play app. But, if you are signing up as a new user then you can pay your payment within the app.

Can I Watch the content within the Google Play app?

Mmm…No. Currently, this feature is not available. Also, it’ll work like a search engine. Once you open the proper content, It’ll open the installed app to see the content.


Besides act as a search app, If the Google Play Movies supports streaming the content within the app, It becomes useful. We hope they maybe add this feature in upcoming days. Google is adopting the latest ideas like this. Recently they added UPI Payments in Google Pay. There is no guarantee for this latest idea feature. But, If they combine, It will help to limit the storage occupied by many Stream apps. You can also view all the contents within Google Chrome. But, It doesn’t provide that much experience like apps.

Here’s all about “Streaming Services in Google Play Movies”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else!

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