How To Fix Status 7 Error in Recovery TWRP & CWM

Error 7 TWRP fix without using a computer or laptop during the installation of custom ROM. In this guide, we’ll manually solve status 7 error in CWM or TWRP custom recovery. Sometimes while flashing custom ROMs on your rooted Android phones, do you encounter certain errors? Some of these errors are:

  • ‘Updater process ended with an error: 7 error installing zip file’
  • ‘Error Status 7 Installation aborted’
  • ‘zip signature verification failed twrp’

When this error appears in CWM or TWRP, the flashing process stops going further and eventually fails.

Since Android is an open-source, users tend to perform tweaks and tricks on their devices. For older phones, the manufactures usually do not provide the latest OTA updates. This makes the users run behind custom ROMs. Root Android, flash custom ROMs, kernels, mods, etc. is also a way to customize and improve the performance of a device. Unfortunately, implementing these operations is risky and involves an invitation to many errors. Your Android device can be stuck into boot loops, encounter error 7, or get the hard brick. But don’t worry, as we’ll these issues using a simple tutorial.

What is the Status 7 error?

There is an updater-script file present in every custom ROM. This file (also called as asserts) is used to verify the compatibility of your Android mobile with the custom ROM. This works as a safety mechanism so you don’t accidentally flash any incompatible ROM on your Android device. But sometimes you may encounter these errors even if you have the correct ROM for your device.

Status 7 error installation aborted’ appears when a certain ROM’s assert file does not contain your device model. It can also show ‘installation aborted due to validation failure’ error if your device model is mentioned but the script is generated for another model. For example, if you try to install Galaxy S10 firmware on a Galaxy S9 device, it can result in hard-bricking your phone. But instead, if you get Status error 7, that means the updater-script file just saved your mobile by working as a safety mechanism.

error 7

Hence, this error is indirectly saving your device and thus is of great help. But there are times where you will get status error 7 twrp even if you have correct firmware for your phone. This is probably due to an error in the updater-script file by the developer while compiling the ROM. Because of this, many users try to flash new custom recoveries, but eventually, the result remains the same. Sometimes updating custom recoveries like CWM or TWRP can solve this problem. But it is a very rare scenario.

What if you update to the latest recovery and still encounters status error 7 while flashing ROM? To fix the Status 7 error, all you need is to edit the updater-script file and get rid of the asserts. In our tutorial, we will remove status 7 error OTA update, philz recovery status 7 error and lineage OS status 7 error, etc. You will find various ways to fix error 7, but every method involves the use of a computer or laptop. However, to be different than everyone, we will solve this error without using a PC. The only thing you need is your Android device, that’s it. If you are ready to solve (Status 7) Installation aborted error, then come with us.


Proceed at your own risk. Also, ensure that the zip file you are flashing is compatible with your Android phone.

Procedure to Fix Status 7 Error:

fixing error

1: Download the ZArchiver app and install it.

2: Download and install ES File Explorer.

3: Now copy the .zip file (which is giving status 7 error) in an empty folder on your phone.

4: Launch the ZArchiver app and go to the location where you’ve copied the zip file. Then tap on that .zip file

5: Now click on Extract here option. This will start the extraction process. When the extraction completes, you’ll see Archive successfully decompressed message. After extracting, you’ll find Install, META-INF and System folders along with other files.

6: After extracting, delete the .zip file as you no longer need it.

7: Now open the META-IN folder.

8: On the next screen, open the com folder.

9: Then open google folder.

10: At last open android folder. Here, you’ll find these two files:

      • update-binary
      • updater-script.

11: Long press on updater-script file.

12: From the popup menu, click on the Rename option.

13: Rename the updater-script to updater-script.txt. Then tap OK.

14: After renaming, just tap on the updater-script.txt file.

15: Click on Open.

Note: Open this file only in ES Note Editor.

16: Now click on the Edit option.

17: Select the line starting with ‘assert’ and select everything until the command ‘mount’ is visible.

18: Delete the selected lines. Now your first line will start from the mount.

19: Click on the Save button to save the text file.

20: After saving, long press on that updater-script.txt file.

21: Click on Rename from the popup menu.

22: Remove the .txt extension and press OK.

23: Go back to the origin folder.

24: Click on the present on the top right corner.

25: Then click on the Multi-select option.

26: Then select all files and folders. Then long press on the screen.

27: From the popup menu, click on the Compress option.

28: Rename the file as per your need.

29: Click on the Archive format and select the zip option.

30: Click on OK to initiate the compressing process. After the compression completes, you can delete the remaining files and folders.

31: That’s it! Now flash this .zip file through any recovery. It will be installed successfully without giving Status 7 error in TWRP or CWM recovery.


Finally! This is how you can fix Status 7 Error in recovery. Do comment below for any issues related to this guide.

Till then Spread Love and Keep Smiling!
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