Square Enix Stops Development of the GO Series

The bad news for those who wondered what the next big game franchise will receive the prefix “GO” and move to mobile platforms. The answer is no. Studio Square Enix Montreal, released in the past, hits such as Lara Croft Go, Hitman Go and Deux Ex Go, stop working on the GO series.

In an interview with PC Games Insider studio head Patrick Naud (Patrick Naud) said that the studio is not profitable to continue to develop the GO series since paid mobile games are not in demand now.

“This is one of the problems that we face today: the market for premium mobile games is shrinking. There are more and more free quality titles, so fewer people pay attention to paid projects, “said Patrick Naud.

Hitman Go

Head of Square Enix Montreal also noted that, despite the success, good reviews, and good incomes, not many people played in the GO series games. And all because of their cost. The price of such projects is a big barrier for users.

Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, and Deux Ex Go are step-by-step puzzles based on classic franchises with the preservation of their gameplay. The standard price of games on the App Store and Google Play is $4.99. At the moment, Square Enix Montreal will continue to work on mobile games, some of the future projects may be based on popular series. Most likely, the studio will now focus on shareware games.

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