Sony is developing a successor to the PS Vita

The company has registered a patent for cartridges for a portable gaming system. Is the Nintendo Switch competing?

The Korean Intellectual Property Information Service has published information on new patents from Sony. They describe cartridges for games that could be used for a portable gaming system.

The cartridges themselves are made in an elongated case with a hole, most likely for easy removal from the console box. The connection connector resembles something between USB and HDMI.

PS Vita

It is possible that the devices are created just for the next generation of the portable console Sony. New releases for Vita almost never come out, and the console itself is recognized as a failure, as it sold only 16 million units, while the main competitor in the face of the Nintendo 3DS sold 73 million devices, not to mention the PlayStation Portable (PSP) with its sales of 80 million. Production PS Vita will be curtailed in 2019, which means it is quite possible this year will show a new generation.

New PS Vita

However, recent comments from Sony officials hint at the lack of plans for a portable gaming track. In May 2018, the head of the PlayStation division at Sony, John Kodera (John Kodera), said that the company is not working on the successor to Vita, but is generally interested in this direction, which means research is probably underway.

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Recall that back in 2017, interesting patents were published that describe the Sony console in the style of the Nintendo Switch, that is, a tablet with plug-in controllers. According to the description, patents were registered back in 2015.

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