Sneak Ops Apk – Download v1.0.3 Latest Version

Arcade Style Action:

Sneak Ops ApkSneak Ops Apk – An arcade stall action in which you will have to deftly move around in locations, trying not to catch the eye of enemies. In the role of a well-trained soldier, you have to go to the military base of your enemies and steal secret information there. It is necessary to move deftly between the shelters, trying not to come across enemies or cameras, otherwise, they will dissect you, and the operation will be failed.

The playing field consists of cells through which the wards will move, just click on the desired cell. Confront you will be soldiers, some just stand still and wait until you come up behind and stun them. Others, on the contrary, move around the level and are more resistant to shocks, they will not stun them. Collect floppies that will help you use the savepoints and continue the game in case of failure.


+ Stylish hand-drawn graphics
+ Entertaining step-by-step gameplay
+ More than 20 unique characters
+One-finger control

Sneak Ops Apk


  • A new level every day with new locations, traps, etc.
  • Everyone in the world gets the same level every day. Are you the first to master it?
  • Earn badges for every day you’ve done
  • Unlock 20 different characters
  • Go back and master any daily missions that you did not complete
  • A fun stealth action for all skill levels

Sneak Ops Apk – Download v1.0.3 Latest Version

Sneak Ops Apk

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