Set iPhone Shortcuts That Helps You Around The House

We all use a little help now and then. And when we try to taking care of things an additional hand eases the load. Using the Shortcuts app and some other easy shortcuts to go with it, that are here to serve you. Come let’s take a look at how to Set iPhone Shortcuts That Helps You Around The House:

Shortcuts that helps you around the house tasks

  • Set Weekend Chores
  • Set Laundry Timer
  • Dinner Time
  • Add/Set Expiration Reminder
  • Plan 3 Main Tasks

Set Weekend Chores

Sometimes we don’t like to do tasks, but it does not depend on the mood, they need to be done. The shortcut Set Weekend Chores helps by adding tasks to your Reminders list. So that you can easily mark things off that list.

However, the shortcut provides the chores you can use them or remove those if you don’t need them. Also, reorder the list, and add your own. Then choose a time to be reminded.

Set Laundry Timer

In our article, we discuss the Laundry Timer before and with good reason. Use the shortcut if you don’t wait for the rinse cycle or a complete wash so that you can move clothes to the dryer. Also, use the shortcut for the dryer to complete so you can fold your laundry.

Click to use the shortcut or add the widget to your iPhone Today Screen for instant access. A prompt appears to input total minutes for the timer. Then click OK. When time’s complete, a reminder starts ringing.

Also, this shortcut uses the Reminders app. Simply use it for the cooking timer to a work break timer etc.

Dinner Time

If you want to inform your family about dinner is ready, here’s our Dinner Time shortcut. With a simple click, your family’s favorite playlist begins playing. Also, it sends a text to the whole group allowing them to know it’s time to eat.

Choose a playlist and select a destination for the music to play. However, this is good if you have a HomePod in front of your dining area. Just select the recipients and adjust the message you like to share if you want to.

When you want to use the shortcut, just tap it and then press Send on the text message. Soon you’ll view everyone come at the table.

Add/Set Expiration Reminder

Everything this world going to end one day. So, the same thing happens with the timer. However, when something wents to expire, you might try to remember so that you can readjust or refill it. Whether it’s a membership, bike insurance, or just something like juice or vitamins, do you want the time to set up a reminder?

Using the Add Expiration Reminder shortcut, you don’t need to fret. Just add the item using the expiration date and time, and then get the notification from Reminders when you want it.

There’s no choice or option to forget about an expiration date. Especially when something really important, with this amazing shortcut.

Plan 3 Main Tasks

However, you have many things you want to get done each day. Probably there some more important than the rest. The shortcut named Plan 3 Main Tasks helps you to stay on task to get those difficult ones done.

Input each of the three things you like to fulfill one by one. Then you’ll view that list organized for you to store, send, or share. For example, just save your Files or print it, share it to the Notes app, or send it via Messages or Mail.

For an easy way to concentrate on the 3 most important to-dos of the day. Just check out the Plan 3 Main Tasks shortcut.


Here’s all about “Set iPhone Shortcuts”. Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts below!

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