SEGA Updated and Improved 13 Classic Games from the Line of SEGA Forever

Since the advent of the initiative/service Sega Forever, she managed to cause all sorts of impressions. On the one hand, the company made a lot of classic games available for modern platforms, and on the other, it turned free-to-play well-functioning premium projects. There have also been complaints about the performance of updates, but with this, the publisher, fortunately, is working.

Sega Forever

Today, SEGA has updated 13 games at once, improving the emulation, adding new features, simplifying management and correcting other errors.

The biggest update, presented in several games at once, is the Rewind function, which allows you to return 15 seconds ago. The graphics component was updated, and it became possible to reconfigure the interface buttons.

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The update has affected the following projects:

  • Phantasy Star II,
  • Kid Chameleon,
  • Comix Zone,
  • The Revenge of Shinobi,
  • Ristar,
  • Golden Ax,
  • Space Harrier 2,
  • Beyond Oasis,
  • Decap Attack,
  • ESWAT: City Under Siege,
  • Streets of Rage,
  • Gungstar Heroes,
  • Dynamite Headdy.

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