Samsung Openly mocks Apple in New Advertising

South Korean giant Samsung once again exposed Apple devices in a bad light in a new series of commercials.

This time, Samsung decided to address the painful problems of iPhone owners. In particular, a series of quick charging rollers, a headphone jack, and a camera were released.

The main character of the video is the consultant of the Apple store, which tries to justify itself to the buyers. The first video reminds that bundled with the iPhone X does not go fast charging, despite the fact that technically the device supports it. The girl unequivocally notes that the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an “out of the box“.

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The action of the video about the camera takes place in the same scenery. A curious buyer is wondering if the new iPhone is better than Samsung’s flagship, which the consultant can not give a reasoned and intelligible answer.

The last video ridicules a painful topic – the lack of a 3.5 mm connector. The buyer asks if he can connect his headphones to the new iPhone and finds out that an adapter is needed for this. For simultaneous charging and listening to music, the consultant specifies, an “adapter for the adapter” is needed.

Recall, this is not the first time that Samsung ridicules competitors in their commercials. Perhaps in the near future, we should expect a response from Apple.

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