Samsung is Preparing to Announce the Galaxy Note 9 this Coming August 9

And we started with the round of rumors today. This time it’s Samsung’s turn, where according to Mark Gurman they are already preparing everything for their next big release, of which there would be no surprises in the name and it would be known as Galaxy Note 9

According to the Bloomberg editor’s information, the next Galaxy Note 9 would be announced on Thursday, August 9, 2018, again in New York City. This new Unpacked event would have the objective of anticipating Apple and its new iPhone, as well as looking to go on sale with much more time in advance to gain ground.

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9

The one who hits first hits twice

According to Gurman, this Galaxy Note 9 would not have significant changes abroad, since it would maintain its design. The changes would come in the technical section, to incorporate processors Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810. By the way, the latter has already shown benchmarks showing their power under 6GB of RAM.

The main focus of the Note 9 would be inside the photographic section, where it is said that there would be an important improvement despite the fact that the latest rumors suggest that the 12-megapixel double sensor configuration will be maintained. In fact, these same rumors tell us of specific changes for this new generation.

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9 Specs

Gurman mentions that the objective of Samsung is that the Note 9 goes on sale before the end of August, while another rumor mentions that its price would start at $930. We must remember that there is also information that points to Apple is thinking of launching a 6.5-inch iPhone with iPhone X design, so Samsung would seek to anticipate importantly.

Gurman also mentions that these plans could change from one moment to another, so we will have to be alert to any developments.

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