Samsung Galaxy S7 Twrp Recovery [User Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Twrp Recovery: Just a few weeks after Samsung officially launched its latest Galaxy S7. TeamWin has made its latest TWRP 3.0 custom recovery compatible with the device. This latest flagship from Samsung holding some of the greatest hardware in smartphone technology. However, in this guide, we will focus on how you can install TWRP 3.0 custom recovery on the phone. Through this article, we will be explaining to you how you can flash TWRP 3.0 custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy S7. TWRP 3.0 comes with a material design User Interface having full support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat. To install TWRP 3.0.0 on your Galaxy S7, read our guide below.

To continue reading, we will guide you through the entire process of how to update Galaxy S7 with TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery using ODIN. A custom recovery like TWRP 3.0.0 enables you to install custom ROMs, root Galaxy S7 , create system backups or restore your phone. Also, you can easily install additional system tweaks as well. Just remember you backup all your data before trying out this guide below. Also, the following tips and tricks are important as they will help the installation procedure to go smoothly without any issues. Let’s continue with the guide now.


All the custom ROMs and firmware, official software updates, tools, mods or anything mentioned in this guide belong to their respective owners/developers. We are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. We don’t have you on gun point to try our guide. So do at your own risk. 😉

TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery on Galaxy S7:

TWRP Touch Recovery will enable you to install custom ROMs. Advanced options like formatting the system partition, making backups, etc. The whole guide has been given on the next page for those who need to install this custom recovery on their phones. Here are a few details about TWRP:

TWRP 3.0.0, or TWRP2 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We begin from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery choices. Then added a lot of our own features. It’s a fully touch driven user interface. No more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. Also, the GUI is fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can also change just about every aspect of the look and feel.

Update #1 – TWRP 3.2.3:

Now TWRP 3.2.3 is available for Galaxy S7. Being an official compilation, this latest revision assures the same reliability but with improved features. The major change is, with this recovery, you would be able to flash Android Pie based custom ROMs on Galaxy S7. Also, the UI has been revamped along with other improvements as well. Our guide has been updated to reflect the latest build.

Our guide also explains how you can install TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery custom recovery on the following models of the Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy S7 USB Drivers

Firstly connect your Android phone with the PC. Then installed the USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S7 properly. If not, you can install or download the latest official drivers from our Android USB Drivers section here:

Download Samsung Galaxy S7 USB drivers!

Backup and Other Important Tips

Before we proceed further here’s some tips and tricks:

Samsung users can also back up data using Samsung KIES. If you backup data manually, then it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers.

If you already have a custom recovery installed on your phone, we strongly suggest a backup as it creates a complete image of your existing phone set up.

A few more tips that you should remember:

  • Face problem connecting your Android phone to the PC? You need to allow USB debugging mode.
  • Also, charge your device up to 80-85% battery level.

Now proceed with our guide and update Samsung Galaxy S7 with TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery.

Install TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S7

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for how to install TWRP 3.0.0 custom recovery on Galaxy S7.

To Remember:

  • This TWRP 3.0.0 recovery installation guide is only for Galaxy S7 G930F or G930FD. Make sure you do not try on any other Galaxy S7 variants.
  • Also, back up all your data on your phone before proceeding as a precaution.
  • This TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery guide works with Android 6.0.1 and all future Android updates.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Install TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery package for Samsung Galaxy S7 and extract this file anywhere in your PC:

Update: TWRP 3.2.3 is now available officially for Galaxy S7.

Old versions:

NOTE: Also choose the appropriate file above for your Galaxy S7 model.

Step 2:

Download ODIN v3.09 which will help you to install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S7.

Step 3:

Turn OFF your device. Press and hold the Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time. Also, press the Power button until you see the construction Android robot and a triangle. Again press the Power button to confirm to enter into Download Mode.

Step 4:

Also, ensure that you have your Samsung Galaxy S7 USB drivers installed on your PC.

Step 5:

Then open ODIN on your PC. Connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable while your phone is in the Download Mode.

Step 6:

Once your phone is connected successfully, the ID: COM boxes will turn yellow with the COM port number. But it takes some time.

Step 7:

Now choose the following file that you have to flash/install on your phone. This file will be found from the extracted file in Step 1.

  • Tap on ‘PDA’ / ‘AP’ and choose the CWM package file you downloaded in step 1 for your phone.
Step 8:

In ODIN, uncheck the Auto Reboot and check F. Reset Time options, if not already.

Step 9:

Also, tap on the Start button in ODIN. The installation process will begin and would take a few minutes to complete.

Step 10:

Once the installation is completed, hold your Power Button, Volume Button, and Home Button until the screen turns black.

Step 11:

Once it does, let go of the Volume Down button and hold the Volume Up button while still hitting the other listed buttons. The phone starts booting into Recovery mode and you should now see TWRP 3.0 custom recovery interface.

Step 12:

Now reboot your phone by touching the reboot option in TWRP.

That’s all! Your Samsung Galaxy S7 has now been flashed with TWRP 3.0.0. Also, If you want to enter Recovery Mode, shut down the phone. Then hold down the Home + Volume Up buttons and hit the Power button for about 5 seconds to enter Recovery Mode.

Also if you make TWRP 3.0.0 permanent on your Android phone then here how to:

How to Make TWRP 3.0.0 Permanent on Galaxy S7

Here’s an auto-recovery restore system built into the stock firmware. So that after playing around with a custom recovery, you can get back to stock recovery and never lose that access. However, for those users who want to get rid of this, can follow the easy steps below.

Make sure your phone has to be rooted to perform this. So you just rename or delete the following files from /system directory because these files overwrite the CWM recovery with the stock one.


All done!


If you still face any problems, feel free to drop us a comment and we will reply you back with the fix or the solution to your problem.

Till then! Keep Smiling 😁

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