Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpapers: Just download Samsung Galaxy S20 wallpapers in high-quality for any Android phone. Samsung is all set to release its latest Galaxy flagship series next month. After so many leaks and multiple rumors, we call this phone Galaxy S20 just as the year and not Galaxy S11. Luckily, before release, we’ve gotten our hands on an official. High-resolution Galaxy S20 wallpapers that you can download quickly and apply it to your device. Some live wallpapers are also included in this collection.

With the release of new phones, companies always have a pack of wallpapers that are unique to the phone and these wallpapers. These wallpapers look amazing and fabulous. Galaxy S20’s case has no exception, their designs are good and they work perfectly on other phones and devices. If you want to download the complete set of Galaxy S20 wallpapers, in high-resolution, then they have been made available till now.

The general theme of these wallpapers is digital abstract and floral art. Last year, Samsung transport wallpapers having a dark top-right slope that makes the camera less visible but with these, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

No one knows regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship phone. A number of pictures have leaked. These pictures confirmed the number of cameras at the back having a 5GB variant of the phone will be available Samsung Galaxy S10+ 5G.

Download Galaxy S20 Wallpapers

The best thing about these wallpapers is, they are 3200 x 3200 in resolution. As it makes these Galaxy S20 backgrounds not only be compatible with scroll-effect on the home screen but also perfect for modern flagships with high-resolution displays. Further, editing and cropping them would not affect the quality as well.

Remember there are about 8 wallpaper files in this Samsung Galaxy S20 wallpapers collection. If you need more, check back here for more high-resolution wallpapers after the release of this phone.


If you need to download all the wallpapers at once, then you can use the single ZIP file attached below. For a bonus, there are some video files that basically are live wallpapers from Galaxy S20.


Are you ready to download a wallpaper for your Samsung Galaxy S20? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below!

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