Samsung Fixed Drivers Until the End of the Year

Samsung’s new technology, Terabyte SSD, can be passed on to very small areas, which can save a lot of data, resulting in hard drives.

Samsung has announced that the first consumer QLC SSD has been upgraded to Overdrive for production. The Samsung SATA drive will benefit from a 4-bit cell to fit more data in a small space, 4TB of memory, 540MB of reading and 520MB of write speed. WD and Toshiba QLC will be in the hands of users until the end of this year after they release their drivers. Samsung has also announced that it will become the first consumer SSD in the industry to go through series production. We will be waiting.

Samsung Terabyte SSD

Samsung has given us much hope for this new 4TB SSD, but Samsung’s fourth-generation TLC SDDs will also speed up the company’s fourth-generation TLC SDD, which also improves magic-like sequential writing thanks to Samsung’s proprietary TurboWrite technology. All together, they are the product of 64-layer 1TB 4th generation V-Nand technology.

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Veso Han, vice chairman of Samsung memory marketing, who thinks that new SSDs will spread very fast on the market, said: “Our 4-bit terabyte SSD products will spread rapidly in the market as we expand the product range between our consumer segments and our company.”

Samsung has announced that it can keep the price for these new SSDs to a minimum and it is quite appealing to the ear. Yes, this technology may be unstable compared to other cell components, but we can store a lot of data on a very small chip.

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