Ringer 13: iOS 13 Ringer HUD To Jailbroken Devices

iOS 13 introduces an excessive amount of aesthetic changes over iOS 12, but perhaps one of the greatest change comes by way of the updated volume and ringer HUD interfaces, which no longer photo-bomb the center of your display when invoked.

Ringer13-iOS 13

Already you can port iOS 13 volume HUD to a pwned device with a jailbreak-tweak called 13HUD, but now, you can also port iOS 13’s ringer HUD to your jailbroken handset using a secondary add-on dubbed Ringer13 by iOS developer KingPuffDaddi.

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Ringer13 displays the physical ringer level when it’s being adjusted. Ringer 13 also alerts you it is unsilenced or silenced via the physical switch.

In Additional, the tweak supports both a dark and light theme. It is fully configurable after installation from the tweak’s preference pane. Depending on personal preference:

Here, you can:

  • On-demand you can toggle the tweak on or off
  • Switch between light or dark mode
  • You can also adjust the delay (in seconds) via a slider


Ringer13 comes with two thumbs-up from me as I always like to see newer features being ported to older versions of iOS by way of jailbreaking. The tweak is available as a $1.29 purchase from the Packix repository in Sileo or Cydia. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 12 devices. Jailbreaking can be used to bypass Digital Rights Management DRM and share copyrighted media, or to access the user interface, file system or network capabilities that are otherwise locked down.


Would you like to add Ringer13 to your jailbreak tweak arsenal? Let us know in the comments section below!

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