Reasons to Use Google Collections

Reasons to Use Google Collections: Are you the person who sometimes bookmarks the pages you visit to see them at a later stage? If yes, Google has a bookmarking-tool called Google Collections built right into the Google app on Android. However, it lets you resolve all the things you bookmarked including links, photos, and places you found through Search.

Now, Google has upgraded this tool using its own AI and you can now get suggestions about items you found for. So that you can get back to doing what you begin. You can create collections depending on what you like and what you search for on Google and all of that can be shared with others.

What is Google Collections

Google Collections return Saved pages and later go further to Google app’s main page. The feature was launched as a built-in bookmarking tool to store links, photos, and places when searching on Google.

The section also offers Pinterest-like boxes with large cover images displaying your favorite pages, places, and photos, sorted by date. However, you can also add the latest collections, look out for more bookmarks, get suggestions for the same items.

Top reasons to use Google Collections

This guide will explain why you should use Google Collections using the Google app and on the web to store and share your bookmarks.

  • Google Collections allow group sets of links, places, and photos into one. For example, another time you’re searching to cook at home, you can also view your collections of recipes using the Google app.
  • You can also bookmark a page without selecting a specific group. By default, stored bookmarks, locations, and photos will be assigned to ‘Favorite pages’, ‘Favorite places’, and ‘Favorite images’ respectively. However, after bookmarking, you select to move your bookmarks to a separate collection of your choice.
  • Using Google’s AI, the pages, places, and images you look for will be suggested to you for adding to Collections. However, you can access these suggestions at any time from the Collections tab on the web or in the Google app.
  • You can also share Collections with loved ones using the native sharing tool, enabling others to view them.
  • Users can also collaborate on Collections meaning the people you shared it to can also make modifies to the bookmarks.
  • You can also access Collections across all platforms using the web by logging on to


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