Protected Tor browser released on Android

The Tor Project has released an alpha version of its Tor browser on Android. Until now, Google Play did not have an official browser from this organization. Since the web browser is currently at an early stage of development, there may be errors in it.

Tor allows you to use on-line routing of the second generation – a system of proxy servers, which protects the transmitted data as much as possible. Its essence lies in the fact that all traffic is repeatedly encrypted and sent through several network nodes. Each of the routers decrypts one layer and passes the data to the next node. Due to this, interception of traffic will not do anything – intermediate routers do not have information about the contents of the transmitted data, source and destination. This technology also allows you to bypass the local blocking of Internet resources.

Tor Browser

Until recently, to connect to Tor on Android it was necessary to use a bunch of utilities Orbot and Orfox. The first connects the device to the Tor network, and the second allows it to work in it (it functions as a browser). With the release of the alpha version of Tor Browser for Android, users can opt out of Orfox, but they still have to use Orbot. Developers plan to integrate its functionality into its Web browser in early 2019, and then the browser will be able to connect to Tor on its own.

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Recall, in the early summer of 2018, The Tor Project and Mozilla concluded a deal, according to which the functions of the Tor browser will appear in Firefox. In the long term, this will make the onion network more popular among ordinary users.

[appbox googleplay compact org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha]

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