Pokémon Quest is ready for Release on Android and iOS

Some time ago, the game Pokémon Quest was announced, which was immediately released on the Nintendo Switch. This is a cool gift for real fans of the Pokémon story, who could pick up a portable console and learn the delightful virtual world of the project. Along with the release of the Japanese console, the developer also talked about plans to conquer the mobile platforms iOS and Android. Then we were told that the game would be released very soon, but now there was a more accurate date – June 28. At the moment, you can go to the official Pokémon Quest page on Google Play and go through pre-registration.

Pokémon Quest
Pokémon Quest

There are no advantages to this, but you are one of the first to get into the mobile version of the sensational role-playing game. The creators of the project decided to move away from the classical RPG laws and allowed you not only to collect the team of heroes and improve them but also to build your personal base, decorate it, participate in fights. Game mechanics look very exciting, especially if you like Pokemon and can accept the “cubic” graphics. As in Minecraft, only a little nicer and brighter. For franchise fans, this should not be a big problem.

[appbox googleplay jp.pokemon.pokemonquest]

At once it is worth noting some features of Pokémon Quest. First, all the save and your personal progress remain only on your device as a local file. No one uploads to the network your accomplishments do not plan so that you will not be able to synchronize several devices. And you will not get any progress from your Nintendo Switch. The downside of this decision is that if you injected a couple of hundred dollars in the development of pets and then lost a smartphone or something happened to it, then the developers will not help. Secondly, it’s a free-to-play game that requires a gamer to either have a huge amount of time spent or invest real money. Very soon we learn how critical Donat is in the new game about Pokemon.

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