Podcasts Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac

Do you want “Podcasts keyboard shortcuts” on Mac? Just like keyboard shortcuts for your other apps on Mac, here come Podcasts that can be quite essential. They enable you to control the Podcast app window using the playback of your episodes.

If you need a handy method to zip Podcasts on your Mac, simply check out the list of essential keyboard shortcuts.

The Podcasts app window

Take full control of the Podcasts app window using these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Open Podcasts Preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Hide all other windows: Option + Command + H
  • Hide the Podcasts window: Command + H
  • Minimize Podcasts: Command + M
  • Enter or exit full-screen: Shift + Command + F
  • Close Podcasts: Command + W
  • Quit Podcasts: Command + Q

Shortcuts for podcasts

Use these keyboard shortcuts for searching, browsing, or selecting podcasts.

  • Search your Podcasts library: Command + F
  • Refresh the RSS feed: Command + R
  • Move up and down a list of episodes: Up Arrow and Down Arrow
  • Choose episodes in a list: Shift + Up Arrow and Shift + Down Arrow
  • Remove, save, and other actions for a selected episode: Control + Click
  • Make a new station: Command + N

Shortcuts for playback

These shortcuts help you navigate your playback options while listening.

  • Increase the volume: Command + Up Arrow
  • Decrease the volume: Command + Down Arrow
  • Play or pause the chosen episode: Space Bar
  • Move to the next episode in Playing Next: Shift + Command + Right Arrow
  • Go to the previous episode in Playing Next: Shift + Command + Left Arrow
  • Ignore forward within an episode: Shift + Command + Right Arrow
  • Skip backward within an episode: Shift + Command + Left Arrow


Here’s all about “Keyboard Shortcuts For Podcasts On Mac”. After using keyboard shortcuts for Podcasts on Mac is quite an easy way to control the podcasts and window your listening to with a tap. Is there a specific app on Mac that you use keyboard shortcuts for?

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