Plastic Pocophone F1 failed to break

In late August, Xiaomi introduced Pocophone F1, the most affordable smartphone on the market, built on the flagship chipset Snapdragon 845. As you know, the cost of the basic version of the device is about $300. The novelty promises to be a real hit, however, to achieve this result, the manufacturer had to save on the materials of the case. In this case, it is plastic, which was surprisingly strong enough.

Zack Nielson, the author of the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything tested Pocophone F1 in all respects. The smartphone is covered with Gorilla Glass, which is scratched by a tool with the sixth level of hardness on the Mohs scale, in fact, as in most modern smartphones.

Pocophone F1

Due to the fact that the body of the device is plastic, it easily scratches. And from plastic everything is done, except for the volume and power buttons. Tray for SIM-card and microSD is also plastic, and besides, it does not have a rubber stopper, which means it can pass water. Naturally, no keys and other metal objects in the pocket next to the device and there can be no question. In any case, you need a cover.

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The fire test showed that the pixels on the screen quickly burn out, but also recover quickly. Finally, the final test for flexion of Pocophone F1 passed with honor. There were fears that the smartphone would break. As a result, it turned out that he had bent, but no more. Even the display and the side frame remained in place. Zak claims that this is one of the most solid Xiaomi smartphones he has visited.

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