Overwatch’s New Character Will Be A Hamster!

With over 30 million actors, Overwatch continues to increase its mass and content with each passing day

Frequently updating the site will offer players a new character with the latest update. The hamster will come out as a tumbling character like the ball, bringing new innovations to the players. The new hamster, rolling around, can then move into the middle of a fight with a quick gesture taking over his gun. This character, which is quite powerful, offers players a structure in the context of easy controls.

Overwatch's New Character

The conflict with the new character will also shift to a different dimension. Players can change the armor and equipment of the new character and customize it. The hamster will also be released as a robotic character for us. So the hamster will be confronted in a robotic build. The hamster, which will be in a more advantageous position than the other characters, was a player’s view with the trailers being broadcast. Addressing an important audience in the Espor area, Overwatch succeeds in making the face of its players smile with a new character.

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