OnePlus will launch its Smart-TV

A small Chinese company with the help of its “patron” BBK decided to enter the TV market with its “flagship killer”.¬†Smartphones under the OnePlus brand have proved to be true “killer flagships”. But this Chinese manufacturer seemed a little, but because he decided to conquer another market, this time, the television.

The company OnePlus announced its plans to enter the television market. Founder and CEO Pete Lau (Pete Lau) said that the first TV brand will appear on the market next year. At the same time, the company promises to release software updates for its TV set for five years after its launch, making it even smarter.

OnePlus Smart TV

TV release Pete Lau calls the first step to building a new user experience. OnePlus TV will receive the same premium design as the brand’s smartphones and at the same time, the company will be guided first of all by the quality of picture and sound.

“We want to transfer the home environment to the next level with intellectual capabilities. To do this, we create a new premium product with high sound and image quality. We call it OnePlus TV, “said OnePlus CEO.

Pete Lau noted that OnePlus TV will receive a voice assistant with artificial intelligence. True, he did not specify whether it will be his own voice assistant OnePlus or the company will build in OnePlus TV support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Also, the TV will receive a built-in camera and be able to connect to smartphones.

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