OnePlus 3 and 3T will get Android P?

The company OnePlus for several years produces decent smartphones, combining flagship characteristics and reasonable price. However, buyers always had to compromise when it came to software updates. Since the company did not have a clear schedule, the owners of OnePlus smartphones did not know in advance which version of Android would be their last. So it was until this moment. Now the manufacturer has published a plan to support its devices.

OnePlus 3

At the official OnePlus forum, a message appeared that the company is launching the OnePlus Software Maintenance Schedule program, which provides updates for existing and future smartphones. Judging by the document, OnePlus promises updates Android within two years from the time the device was on sale, as well as security patches for another year. Given that such “fixes” usually arrive every two months, you can count on at least six updates in the last year of support.


Such a plan applies to all smartphones of the company, starting with OnePlus 3 and 3T, with the main update cycle ending in November this year. As you know, in this time period the final version of Android P should already be released, therefore users of these devices can theoretically receive the ninth version of the “green robot“.

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Two years of support is the normal timeframe that leading Android device vendors offer for their flagships. Google and does promise updates for Pixel smartphones for three years. But all of them are still far from Apple with its five-year iPhone support.

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