Now You Can Hide Root from Older Devices

A special patch for the kernel opens up all the capabilities of Magisk even on devices with an old kernel.


The manager of the rights of the superuser Magisk is mainly known for the function of hiding root-rights from other programs in the system. This feature called Magisk Hide is available for smartphones based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and higher with a kernel no lower than 3.8. But a lot of obsolete devices get fresh custom with the old core. Magisk Hide does not work on such smartphones out of the box.

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After the publication of the update Magisk, 16.6 developer John Wu (John Wu) found a solution to the problem and released a special patch fixing the problem. With it, developers of custom firmware will be able to modify the kernel during the build phase. Correct the already assembled firmware is impossible, so without the participation of an experienced developer cannot do. The patch is available on a dedicated site and is number 201482. On this firmware, you can use Magisk Hide to hide root-rights in the Android operating system.

Magisk Patch
Magisk Patch

More details about Magisk Hide can be found in a separate article. We also talked about the installation and features of Magisk and the most interesting third-party modules. All instructions have not lost their relevance and are suitable for the latest version of Magisk and Magisk Manager.

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