Nintendo Switch Will Work with Wireless Headphones

A team of enthusiasts released a stylish adapter for the Japanese portable console. You can forget about adapters and wires.

Portable console Nintendo Switch is the ideal companion in travel – it is compact and endowed with hardware controls. This is much more convenient than playing on the touch screen smartphone. True, the developers of the console for some reason decided not to support wireless headphones. It’s very strange, because playing without additional wires would be much nicer. The problem could be solved in two ways. The first works only when the console is connected through the docking station to the TV – you buy wireless headphones with a USB receiver, install it into the station, and play.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

In the operating mode without a docking station, connecting headphones without a wire is even more difficult – you need to buy an adapter from USB Type-A to USB Type-C, then repeat the previous procedure. Naturally, to carry such a heap of adapters is not easier than a wired connection. Fortunately, third-party developers paid attention to this problem and announced the Genki adapter. This is a small module that supports wireless communication via Bluetooth 5.0. This device connects to the USB Type-C port and does not require additional power. Yes, and the size of the novelty is very pleasing – it is much more attractive than the hefty adapters.

Nintendo Switch

Genki developers say that their device allows you to connect absolutely any wireless headphones. In addition, there is support for multi-user sound, that is, you can connect a couple of headsets with the console and listen to the sounds of the game together. At this, enthusiasts also decided not to stop and added support for all wireless devices for sound reproduction. You can connect your portable speaker, audio system or even a home theater, if necessary.

Nintendo Switch

The developers decided to collect money for the project launch at Kickstarter, but they obviously did not expect such an influx of people. The independent developers had a goal of $30 thousand, but already now managed to raise more than $ 350 thousand, and in fact, the fund-raising continues. Now Genki is asked for $35, plus you can buy an adapter to connect the device to the docking station for $10 to play wireless headphones at home in front of the TV.

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Such a stunning success of the device is explained by the huge audience of Nintendo Switch owners who, in the majority, are attracted to modern technologies and want to play without wires and adapters. The first deliveries of Genki are scheduled for November 2018.

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