Nintendo Switch new generation will be released in 2019

How the new console will differ from the existing Nintendo Switch is unknown. But it is hardly worth waiting for major changes. Nintendo is preparing a successor to its brand-name Switch console for 2019. This was reported by the authoritative foreign publication The Wall Street Journal, citing many of its anonymous sources. Apparently, no innovation should be expected.

Unfortunately, the technical characteristics of the updated Nintendo Switch are almost unknown. Sources of The Wall Street Journal reported only that the new product will receive an improved display, but the Japanese corporation will not use the OLED matrix again (apparently, screens of this type consume too much energy).

Nintendo Switch

On the other technical characteristics and features of the console next year, you can only guess. Most likely, the Japanese will not give up the main features of the gadget: the ability to use the Nintendo Switch, both in the form of a portable console and as a full-fledged console (connected to the monitor). Probably, the changes will affect only the hardware (put the updated processor). Perhaps Nintendo will slightly change the modular joysticks. However, all of the above – just guesses, not confirmed even by rumors.

Many expect the Japanese corporation to support the updated console games for the original Nintendo Switch. If it is, then the console will certainly attract new customers. If developers have to report all games to the upcoming console, it will certainly have a negative impact on the popularity of the device.

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In any case, all the details will be known closer to the announcement of the gadget – not earlier than the beginning of 2019.

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