How Mobile Manufacturers Installs OS in Factory

During the designing phase of mobile phones, quite a lot of things are being put into place. The mobile manufacturers installs a lot of hardware parts when making a mobile. OS (Operating system) is the core part of a smartphone that helps to define how it works. Your mobile will take sometime when Installing updates. You may wonder, How Manufacturer Put the OS in mobiles in Bulk. There are three major operating systems used for smartphones:

  • iOS
  • Android OS
  • Windows Mobile OS

However, advanced users manually install the OS. They achieve this by flashing firmware using some tools. The method happens like this with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as they install the OS rightly at the time of assembling the device.


All you need to know is how they prepare your mobile before the OS Installation part. It will give you a clear idea if you know how your device was designed. We will elaborate on you in this portion. When a company plans to make a device, they go through a series of steps to achieve that. However, the levels become more comfortable if the manufacturer had already made an older model. The company starts by designing a prototype for the new device.

Mobile Design

Let’s come to the mobile design. It will be the design of the phone. How It should look and where will be the Display Size, physical keys, Ports. All of the Mobile Body design will be prepared here. After the successful process, they will move to the hardware components. But, most of the time Hardware components and Design processes will be happening at the same time, to avoid the Space issues in the mobile.

Hardware Components

After the mobile body designed, then comes the Hardware components Installation. Here, they will decide which components they are going to use on the mobile. Display, Mic, Speaker, Motherboard, .etc. It will be decided here.


UI Preparation

Finally, UI(User Interface) installation. The UI design team is Software Engineers. They will design every detail like Icon, Interactions with the hardware, and so on.

mobile ui

The manufacturer installs the OS your device is meant to run with, this is likely the Essential step to making smartphones along with the Hardware selection. Because OS is the bridge between the mobile and the User. When everything is ready, they perform step by step actions. From Hardware assemble to Software Installation and Testing.

OS Installation

They Install in a Bulk way. The software team assembles the software. The team is not like the UI Designing team. They know how to Install the UI but not sure about how the OS is designed, and how it works. They are like the Support team. Based on the prepared OS, they will get the Instructions from the Engineers. The company must have decided on the Operating System they would use for their smartphone. The assembly team will install the UI based on the prepared Instructions. The operating system is tested and further installed on all units of the proposed equipment to be assembled and sent to the market.


The Software updation takes some time because It is happening on a live mobile. If you have experience in firmware flash, you may know, the manual method is fast compared with the OTA Update. That is what manufacturers do on their side. Instead of Single PC and One Mobile, they deal with thousands of mobiles and some Super Exclusive computers and Softwares.


After successfully installed the UI, they will check your mobile using a lot of tests. Using Mobile Test codes is one of the methods. They will check the camera, Speaker, Display, and Hardware part interactions with the UI.

mobile testing

To Conclude:

The initial installation of the mobile OS on the phone is done inside the factory. Also, after assembly, the produced mobiles are shipped in bulk to the market where users can get to buy.

Interestingly, before your device is shipped to the market, it is meant to go through a series of tests. There’s no need to worry about anyway, look at the specs of a new device before buying. If you have any doubts in this article, simply comment below!

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