Minecraft for Reasons Lost Film Director and Release Date

Bosses Warner Bros. I did not like the footage adaptation of the popular game. It was decided to rewrite the script.

Screen version of the popular PC game Minecraft again decided to postpone to a later date. Previously, the authors of the project promised to create a picture with Robert Makelhenni (Rob McElhenney), who wrote the script for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Robert was promoted to director of the new film in 2015, but has recently been forced to leave the workplace. The reasons for this decision, no one calls, but in the network there are rumors that the bosses of the film company Warner Bros. disappointed with the end result.

Minecraft Movie

Loss of director at the final stage of the film – a big hit, although film adaptation Minecraft is already accustomed to the difficulties on the way. During the shooting of the project back in 2014 it took the company Warner Bros. But it’s been four years, and things are there. At the time, I made a screenwriter Shawn Levy (Shawn Levy), who directed “Night at the Museum” and then another, and “very strange case”. In 2015, he was joined by Robert Makelhenni. Work has begun to boil, and together they create a full story for the new film, but in 2016 the company Mojang, Minecraft creator, bought Microsoft for $2.5 billion. And then to work on the film attracted more and author of “Wonder Woman” script Jason Fuchs (Jason fuchs).

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Already May 24, 2019 fans promised to show the film on the grounds Minecraft, but now, after the departure of the director, this date is a big question. The company Warner Bros. already attracted Adam and Aaron Nee wrote the story for “The gang of robbers”, to change the script of the movie. Probably, after the creation of the new options will be peresnyaty scene, and maybe the whole movie. This will require more time, mass installation and publishing. If you really wanted to see the adaptation of the cult game in theaters this spring, we advise you to choose a different release. There is every chance that in 2019 Minecraft movie will not be shown.

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