New to Mac? Make the Most of the Apple Maps app

The Apple Maps app is a tool that uses on your iPhone more than anywhere else. For getting directions, it makes perfect sense. But, on Mac, the Maps app offers some great features as well, like one to send directions straight to your iPhone.

For new Mac users, we’ll show you how to use that feature along with a host of the others you might not know about.

The Maps app on Mac

  • Maps app basics
  • Searching for locations
  • Getting directions
  • Sharing directions

Mac Maps app basics

When you open the Maps app, maybe you see your location right on the main screen with a blue blinking dot. But if not, just tap that Show your current location button in the toolbar.


If you want to scope out the area, you have a few good options.

  • On the top right corner, you can tap the Map drop-down box to see a Transit or Satellite view.
  • On the bottom right, you can tap the compass to switch between 3D and 2D views of the map. And below that are your buttons to zoom in or out.
  • If you want to move the map around, just click on it and drag it in any direction.

On the bottom left corner, you’ve another couple of nice features. Simply click the Show drop-down box and from there you can select to show the labels, air quality index, weather conditions, traffic, and the 3D map.


Searching For Locations

You can enter a place or address in the search box you’ll see convenient suggestions when you type. Besides, any locations you’ve added to your Favorites will show for a quick click along with spots you’ve searched for recently.


When you find the place you want, click it and a cool pin will plop right onto the map.

Next to the location’s name on the map, you can tap the Info button (small letter “i”) for further details. Depending on the type of location it is, you see the photos, address, description, and similar information.


Getting directions

It’s your choice whether you click the Directions button in a location’s information or the one in the toolbar, you’ll see your directions sidebar open on the left.

Simply enter your starting location to get the directions and choose Drive, Walk, or Transit for the type of transportation.


If you select Transit, you’ve got an option to choose when you’re leaving in the drop-down box. Simply choose from Leaving Soon, Leaving in X Minutes or Hours, or choose Custom to enter a specific time and date.

Once you get your directions you’ll see the route plotted on the map. But if you click a specific step in the directions, you’ll see that step highlighted on the map. This is helpful if there’s an instruction that appears confusing to you.

Another interesting thing you can do is to switch the start and end locations. Just tap the Swap button next to Start and End and the route will reverse.

Sharing directions

If you want to send directions to a friend or family member, or directly to your mobile device, just click the Share button in the toolbar.

You should see your connected devices at the top of the list. When you tap one, those directions will open up in the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.

Not only this but you can also send directions via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop and add them to Notes and Reminders.


This is a difficult way to share directions if you’re planning a trip with friends or with family.


Maps can do much more than just show you a map or provide directions. You can see the weather and traffic, send directions, and take a Flyover Tour of a city for a great view.

Hopefully, these tricks will helpful! If you’ve anything to share with us then let us know in the comment section below!

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