Listen to music from Spotify automatically when you connect to Bluetooth

It is increasingly common to use applications that automate all kinds of tasks through our smartphone. IFTTT or MacroDroid are two of the most important and complete for these tasks, but more niche tools that focus on a few functions are also emerging. Bluetooth Autoplay Music has a very simple function at the same time useful: make us listen to Spotify music automatically just by connecting to a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Autoplay Music is a perfect app for those people who get lost in the marabunta of options present in the applications of automation of tasks. It does not have the most beautiful interface in the world, but it is very functional to allow us to easily configure it with a few touches on the screen.

 Bluetooth Autoplay Music

When starting it for the first time we can establish the Bluetooth devices with which we want to use it, as well as different options to make our experience as personalized as possible: activate the “Do not Disturb” mode when connecting it, set the volume to the maximum, play the music directly , keep the screen of our device on … It all depends on our personal preferences, but Bluetooth Autoplay Music makes it easy for us to listen to music automatically just by activating the Bluetooth of headphones, speakers or the car radio.

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This app not only works with Spotify since we can also use it with Google Play Music, iVoox or Telegram. A tool that is not only in the musical field, because it can also be very useful with GPS apps like Google Maps and Waze. We have an entire section for this feature and we can even establish that it works on days and times determined by ourselves.

[appbox googleplay compact maderski.bluetoothautoplaymusic]

While it is true that the functions of Bluetooth Autoplay Music can be done through other tasks automation apps, it is difficult not to give in to its simplicity. Those who just want to listen to music from Spotify, or the other platforms mentioned above, just turn on Bluetooth have an essential app here. And watch out for the functionality of GPS maps, which is another feature that we can not ignore.

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