Lineage 2: Revolution’s New Chart Magnadin Announced!

The mobile platform’s popular MMORPG game Lineage 2: Revolution continues to haunt the whole world.

Lineage 2: Revolution's

Lineage 2: Revolution, which updates regularly every month, continues to present innovations to the players. Lineage 2: Revolution, which is played by millions of players all over the world, has given gamers a great update. With the update, a new map titled ‘Magnadin’ was presented to the players. Magnadin Update has introduced many new features into the game. The new map introduces Magnadin, a new town in Aden where players will discover many new features..

With Magnadin towns, players will be able to prepare for the wars in front of them and change their hair styles as a place to stop by. The new map will include a repository where players can store their possessions, share them with other characters in their accounts, a Fear of Education that will test their combat power, and a Legionnaire Spirit to win as a special Chief Enemy award.

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3 for players 3 Honorable Battle area of the pre-season period is officially ending. All players enter the regular season. The players will be able to continue to the clans and alliances where they left off. In addition, for experienced and high-level players, the Clan dungeon was added to the Queen’s ‘Very Difficult’ grade.

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